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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mercury Poisoning

Feeling like a Salmon swimming up a stream? Well, maybe you've found a new exercise class; definitely it's Mercury Retrograde.

Never begin a blog during Mercury Retrograde. Don't ask me why I'm doing this now.

Astrologers say to never start anything during a Mercury Retrograde. Once, during a Mercury Retrograde I asked a guy who worked at a computer repair store if more computers were breaking than usual and he said "Gee, I certainly hope so. That's great for business." Obviously if I was at the computer repair store I was there for all the correct Mercury Retrograde reasons.

This Retrograde started on either July 4 or July 5 depending what Time Zone you're in. It began at early degrees Leo and has now passed back into Cancer. Actually, Mercury doesn't really move backward, it just appears to move backward from Earth's view point because of its Elliptical Orb. Three times a year it appears to be at a Standstill or almost Standstill as it hovers over an area of about 10 - 15 degrees in a chart.

According to a lecture I heard given by the Astrologer Adrian Duncan Ross, Retrogrades of any planets that begin in early degrees of a sign and move back into the sign before it can be especially trying because we've already experienced the "Full Monte" of that sign and are feeling tired of its energies and just want to move on to the new Sign. So, with this Retrograde we were looking forward to those Leo Energies zapping our communications with awesome flair and drama and instead have to "do more time" with Good Old Cancer. Sentimentality, Memories, Emotional Turbulence, maybe a little Passive Aggression just because we're sick and tired of all the gooey stuff and want to move onto Fun, Drama, the Kids, Snazzy Dressing, Gambling and Speculation. You know, real Summertime Fun. Well, that happens in August so just hold your horses, keep things lazy and mellow and enjoy your boredom. Retrogrades are appropriate for Summer. I'd like to say to be careful to double check for your keys and tickets and leave for important appointments 15 minutes early, but that's not a Retrograde Thing, that's just common sense. Right now, Cancer just doesn't want too many problems or too much change so don't do anything to rock the boat or you'll end up in Detox with Courtney Love (favorite Cancer personality).


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