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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh, It's a Saturday Night, and I ain't Got Nobody...

Tonight I'm sitting alone, laundry's done, and I've just put a TV Dinner in the Microwave ("they still make those?). When I was a kid this was a Saturday night ritual. My parents would go out to dinner, and my brother and I would get to have a TV Dinner. The plate with its four compartments. A place for everything and everything in its place. I could even cook my own. 425 degrees. 25 minutes. There was an intermediary procedure where the tin foil had to be pulled back over the Chicken and the Dessert and the timer had to be reset. And, the Baby-Sitter would come over. This wasn't any babysitter, he was the biggest crush of my childhood. Libra. And so, Saturday nights at my house: TV Dinners, Libra older men and the Jackie Gleeson show. Ah, sweet memories of childhood.

Who invented this thing, the bane of modern organic culture? Well, Swanson denies it but you've got to believe the guy's obituary from 2005 that he, Gerry Thomas, was the Inventor of the TV Dinner. 1954. Wikipedia says he either got the idea from airplane food or army mess camp trays. Dang, who says that two wrongs don't make a right?

So, Gerald Ehrmann Thomas. Born February 17, 1922, Seward, Nebraska. Of course Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of Invention. Sun is conjunct Mercury in Aquarius and Mercury is in mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces. This greatly enhances one's inventiveness and knack for original thinking. In 1954, Uranus had recently trined his natal Uranus by transit.

Food, of course, is ruled by Moon. It looks as if Thomas' Moon was in Scorpio perhaps squaring his Aquarius planets. This would have meant that his Moon was in mutual reception with his Pluto in Cancer. In 1954, Jupiter passed over Thomas' Pluto. He hit the jackpot with his innovation in food production.

For the beginnings of Fast Food one would expect a Mars and Jupiter influence to indicate appreciation (and need) for speed, efficiency, and, of course, impatience. The stars do not disappoint. Sun conjunct Mercury squaring Mars (speed), trining Jupiter (impatience), and opposing Neptune (institutionalization, even poisoning). In 1954, Gerry's progressed Sun changed signs into Aries. 0 Aries, the Aries point which brings a person out into the public eye and the meal with the 3 compartments (well, 4 compartments by the time I got to it) was born.


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