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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Moon, Breast Cancer Surgery and Menstrual Cycles

I found an interesting couple of paragraphs on how timing Breast Cancer Surgery with Menstrual Cycles may improve one's cure rate. It's from one of those big books on all sorts of folk remedies called "Natural Medicines and Cures Your Doctor Never Tells You About." published by FC&A Publishing. This is from p. 68:

"Respected researchers believe that having breast cancer surgery in the last half of your menstrual cycle may keep cancer from spreading after the surgery. The "last half" means the time after you ovulate and before you start your period. In a recent study, over 75 percent of the women who had surgery during the last half of their menstrual cycles were cancer-free five years later. Only 63 percent of the women who had surgery during the first half of their menstrual cycles were cancer-free in five years."

Reasons they give are that you have high levels of estrogen during the first half of the cycle and Estrogen seems to encourage Cancer growth. The extra progesterone in the last half helps protect you from spreading cells. Also, your immune system might be stronger after you ovulate, the second half of the cycle. Journals cited are Annals of Internal Medicine (116,3:268); Archives of Surgery (128,3:309; British J. of Surgery (80,1:43 and 80,5:670); J. of the Nat'l Cancer Institute (85,8:605); The Lancet (343,8912:1545).

There are many astrologers who work with the Lunar Phases for conception and would know more about this.

The Wikipedia Article on Menstrual Cycles has a section on connecting Menstrual Cycles with the Moon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cycle. Apparently only about 30 percent of women have a 28-29 day cycle and this doesn't really coordinate with the Moon's phases especially in urban areas because everything gets thrown off by artificial lighting. There's an interesting mention of Louise Lacey who developed and wrote a book about Lunaception where she and 28 (good number) of her friends removed artificial lighting from their lives and began to cycle with the Moon's phases.

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