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Monday, July 24, 2006

Just Another Sunny California Day

Sunny Sunny California, Power Lunches, Power Plays, and Power Outages. California's just had a Stage 2 Emergency Crisis due to the recent heat wave. All the Non-profits for Global Warming have sent the college kids out to risk heat stroke and ask for money to save Global Warming. One woman just walked passed a kid today muttering, "It's already here, can't do anything about it."

California: September 9, 1850, San Jose, CA (no time)

Today we have the New Moon in early Leo. This is a strong New Moon because the Sun is in its own sign. That's great for middle of Summer fun, but, apparently this week things are going a little overboard. There's literally too much Sun. Saturn is conjunct the California North Node putting restrictions on our enjoyment of the Sun and it's record breaking heat. Jupiter loosely square Saturn creating tension between supply and demand. Jupiter is also just out of orb of having passed over California's Venus (maybe Moon) in Scorpio opposite Pluto/Uranus in Aries. Uranus governs Electricity and Pluto and Scorpio govern Power.


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