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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dating Do's and Don'ts

Who'd have ever thought I'd be looking at the chart of Marilyn Manson? But that's where today's Yahoo trivia search landed me. This is really my way of avoiding writing my "Back to School Blog about College Campus Rapes" due to depressing subject matter, so, really, you know, it's either this or a link to the video of all 50 of Michael Vick's unkilled pitbills who will have to be euthanized. Kind of a funky mood today.

Anyhoo, Yahoo today has all kinds of lists of Dating Turn-offs for both Guys and Gals. The first list for Women was called "Are You Too Clingy?" written by David Zinczenko. Here's the list of what David Zinczenko hates most in women along with Rex Bills' rulerships:

1. Lying (Rex Bills: Mercury, Pluto, Neptune)
2. Nagging (Rex Bills: (Pluto) I don't agree with this rulership but what do I know?).
3. Clingy. (Rex Bills doesn't mention rulership, but that's Cancer).

Clingy is what Zinczenko focuses on in this essay. Here are the subcategories for this category:

1). Don't make more than 2 phone calls a day
2). Don't request joint email account
3). No celebrity gossip
4). Let him have alone time.

That's such a weird list, almost irrational. No celebrity gossip? What's that got to do with "Where're ya goin? What're ya doin? Who ya talkin to? Why'd it take so long? Can I come? Why didn't you ask me?" I saw Angie Dickinson at the Country Fair once when I was 12 and she smiled really pretty and that's all my contact with Celebrities in my whole life. What does he mean? Don't read the magazines by the Cash Register in the Check Out line at the Grocery Store? Yeah, that's a turn off but so what?

I became obsessed with David Zinczenko. Why would anybody bring up the subject of celebrities? Who is this guy? What's his sign? Alas, the Internet wouldn't cough it up, just some "c. 1970" like he's an ancient Incan artifact. And he co-wrote a book called "The Abs Diet." Abs, ruled by Virgo. Now we're getting somewhere. Is he a Vi- Ver- Verg ....

I don't know. But he just got dumped by one. Since 2002 Zinczenko has been dating a Virgo, the Celebrity Actress Rose McGowan. Maybe Virgo women are especially attracted to men with tight abs, especially narcissistic actress types. Recently, Rose the Virgo has been seen on the arms of a Director Dude. "No Celebrity Gossip" begins to make sense. David doesn't want us talking about him. Ah, I'm starting to feel sorry for him, he just accidentally slipped that weird thing about Celebrities in there because he was distracted by his own failed love life.

Actually the first birth date I drummed up for Rose was 12/13/1974 which makes her a Double Sagittarius with Venus and Mars in Sagittarius. Wouldn't that be cool? In that case, she weren't no Cling Wrap and David Z. really has good intuitions about things. And, unfortunately for David Z. Rose wasn't clingy enough. And she probably lied about her new relationship until she knew for sure that it was more than a one night stand. And what was that other quality men don't want in their relationships? Nagging? Anyway, she's apparently not the Sagg chart.

Most sources give girlfriend McGowan's Birth date as Sept. 5, 1973 in Florence, Italy. Really weird story of her upbringing involving cult practices, I can't gossip about it because I don't believe it. This gives Rose a Virgo Sun and Sagittarius Moon and a Mars in Taurus. Yes, I wouldn't expect that to be clingy. Mars in Taurus might prefer a guy with Big Abs but, if it weren't for that Sagittarius Moon, Rose secretly yearns for a Banker. Venus conjunct Uranus in Libra. That's not a shrinking violet signature either; as a matter of fact it's Awesome Weird. She's Quentin Tarantino's favorite actress. You've gotta have some kind of intense Uranus contact to represent Quentin Tarantino. With a girlfriend with a Libra conjunction like that no wonder David Z. switched to writing about relationships.

So then we read further into the Wiki entry, deep into Wiki. And it turns out: McGowan's boyfriend for 5 years was Marilyn Manson. And so this blog has come full circle. Marilyn Manson, a truly strange guy, and for certainly sure I'd hate, just hate to look at his Abs. Marilyn Manson. Sun in Capricorn, Leo Rising with Leo Moon. Venus in Pisces trining Mars in Scorpio. A show-off with a kinky, secretive love life and strange looking contacts in his eyes.

And back to David Z. who's writing Love Advice columns for Women while he's going through Relationship Hell. Hey Dude, I'm sorry, it sucks, it's a lonely world out here. I'm really really sorry. The Sun will come out tomorrow. (Sun rules Celebrities, hehehehe).

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