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Friday, January 04, 2008

Alcides Moreno - Miracle

Alcides Moreno is the Window Washer in New York who fell 47 stories because the scaffolding he was standing on gave out. His brother who was working with him was killed on impact. Alcides survived and is expected to make close to a full recovery. It's a Miracle. CNN (I think) said that 47 stories is about the length of 2 football fields. Moreno would have hit the ground travelling with a force similar to about 4 times that of a high impact car crash.

Moreno has gone through multiple operations since the fall and his wife had been sitting at his side running his hand through her hair and over her face to try to revive him. On Christmas Day he woke up, got confused (or not) and started groping the nurse. That was his first sign of consciousness. Luckily his wife has a sense of humor. Then miraculously, Alcides immediately started talking, trying to explain his action. Men, I tell yah...

The Doctors say his survival is inexplicable, a Medical Miracle.

The accident occurred on Dec. 7, 2007 between 10:00am and 10:30am.

At 10:00 am, 26 Capricorn is Rising. Neptune (rules Windows) is in the 1st house along with Chiron and the North Node so this describes the general situation. At 10:30 am 5 Aquarius is rising. This keeps Neptune, Chiron, NN in the 1st House but adds Uranus, chart ruler. Uranus and Neptune co-rule Miracles and they are still in mutual reception.

Rex Bills says Saturn rules bodily falls so this rulership of the chart works. As Saturn was opposing Uranus (Miracles and Accidents) and both were squared by the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius (Luck) they are strongly linked. In the 10am chart the opposition lands right on the cusp of H2 & H8 with Saturn on H8. This does describe the loss of Moreno's brother, Edgar Moreno, through Death.

Mars and Uranus co-rule accidents and they are trining in this chart with Mars in the 6th house of the workplace. Mars is Retrograde in Cancer and out-of-bounds which emphasizes its presence in the chart. I'm not very sure how that fits other than maybe it signals something overly emotional happening which caused the accident or a softened landing (Cancer). Moreno apparently rode the scaffolding down and it helped break his fall.

Moreno was extremely lucky. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius was conjunct within a degree on this date and Sun and Mercury were also in Sagittarius. (The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all were parallel each other.) Sagittarius is the sign of Good Luck. Moreno's injuries are extensive, of course, but he managed to not suffer many head injuries or a broken pelvis, factors the Doctors say saved him.

In addition to the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception ruling over this Miracle in the 1st house the North Node seems to have been playing a part.The North Node changed signs from Pisces (Neptune) into Aquarius Uranus) right after the accident on Dec. 17. Also, Moreno is 37 years old so very close to having his Nodal Return (Destiny). It simply wasn't his Time.

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