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Friday, January 04, 2008


While this Saturn-Pluto trine is occuring in the sky off and on I think it's good to look at things like "Infrastructure" and "Industrial Landscape."

The Science Books are next to the Bathroom in the Barnes & Noble that I was in yesterday. That's a good place to stick a book on infrastructure I guess. Wow, the thing felt like the inside of a petri dish. Sure wish people would wash their hands.

The book is called Infrastructure: The Book of Everything for the Industrial Landscape by Brian Hayes. The photographs are really beautiful. Well, I've got a natal Saturn-Pluto trine so I like to find the beautiful in the everyday, especially when it messes around with proportion and scale, either towards the very large or the very small.

Here are the names of the Chapters for the Industrial Landscape as represented by this book. Probably all of them need to be reinvented for Global Warming. Most of the keywords are from Rex Bills but I've added some. Rex wrote the book before the Infrastructure started to crumble.

Mining - Saturn, Capricorn, H4, Cancer, (Pluto) // Gold Mines = Sun, Leo

Waterworks - Moon, Cancer, Neptune, Pisces
Fresh or Running Water - Moon, Cancer
Salt Water - Neptune - Pisces
Water Distribution - (Aquarius)
Water transport condition and occupations - Moon
Waterpower - Neptune, Uranus

Dams - Saturn

Plumbing Lines - Saturn, Moon, Cancer (Neptune, Pluto)

Food & Farming - H4, Saturn, Capricorn, (Taurus, Virgo, H6)

Oil & Gas
- Neptune, Pisces, H12, (Uranus, Aquarius)

Power Plants -
Power - Sun (Uranus, Mars)Power, Reserve (Uranus)
The Power Grid

Communications - Mercury, H3, Gemini
Distant communications - 9, Jupiter, Sagittarius, Mercury
Local communications - H3, Mercury, Gemini

Roads - H3, Gemini (Uranus)

Railroads - Uranus, Mercury, Gemini, H3

Bridges & Tunnels -
Bridges - (H3, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus)
Tunnels - Saturn

Aviation - Uranus, Aquarius, (Neptune)

Shipping - Moon, Neptune, Pisces, H9, Sagittarius, Jupiter

Wastes & Recycling - Pluto



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