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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

D.B. Cooper, Hijacker

The FBI is bringing up a Cold File of a Hijacker from the 70s. A guy in a business suit and a trench coat got on to a plane flying from Portland, Oregon to Seattle Washington on Nov. 24, 1971. No mention of when the plane took off but at around 3pm, the guy, who's smoking cigarettes and drinking bourbon and is kinda quiet and sort of looks like Vladimir Putin but without the Oboe player lips, hands a note to the Stewardess telling her that he's got a bomb on board the plane, he's hijacking the plane, he wants $200,000 and 4 parachutes. So, she's like Omigod Omigod Omigod all the way up to the cockpit. And the story goes on, it's on Wikipedia and all over the news, very amusing. Glad I wasn't there.

The plane lands in Seattle and lets the passengers and some of the crew off and then takes off again from Seattle at 7:38pm heading towards Reno, NV. The guy tells everyone to go into the cockpit and he jumps out the back with the money and 2 of the parachutes and leaves his JC Penney tie behind. I bet he remembered to bring his cigarettes, you know how it is. This guy has got on a business suit and loafers and it's storming outside. Wikipedia has an animated picture of him jumping out the back but with no parachute. It's really cute and totally bizarre and no one ever found him.

A kid found some of the money in Washington on Feb. 10, 1980 and now the FBI has found his DNA on the JC Penney tie he left behind. Was it a clip-on? I seem to remember a clip on, that's kind of tacky. According to the Wikipedia article multiple guys have admitted to being this "D.B. Cooper" not his real name, or Dan. The FBI got a new guy who's determined to figure who this guy was after all this time. That sounds fishy and I really wonder why they give a shit.

Anyway, we're having a Nodal Return for the time of the event with North Node in Aquarius. Aquarius rules Aviation so that's optimum for a good hijacker story. The aspects were great for taking an Airplane flight. The Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius, North Node in Aquarius. Those are all optimum aspects for flying the Friendly Skies. Thing is the Sun was exactly conjunct Neptune (escape) and opposite Saturn. It's interesting that the FBI brings the case back to our attention just as we're having a Nodal Return in Aquarius. The Node for this event was involved in an Air Grand Trine with Saturn and Pluto. When Dan or D.B. or whatever his name was notified the stewardess of the Hijacking at 3pm the North Node was straight overhead conjunct the Midheaven.

This is probably too much information but it's interesting to note that 5 planets were in Sagittarius. This includes an exact conjunction of Sun to Neptune which opposing Saturn right over the H2-H8 cusp. That's a really great set of aspects for either getting away with a crime or committing suicide. 1 degree Taurus was rising. The chart ruler, Venus, plus the other Sagg planets were in the 8th house. Guess those are lucky indicators for asking for other people's money.

It seems that the jump was around 8:13pm. Nobody really knows where the Hijacker jumped but some say at Woodland, Washington. This gives a 28 Cancer Rising with chart ruler, Moon, still in Aquarius but now in the 8th House. The Sagg Planets have moved to mostly the 5th House (risk). And the Grand Trine is set up so that Pluto is conjunct the IC with Uranus in the 4th also. I take that to mean that the guy was flattened like a pancake. But Mars was in Pisces in the 9th House. I have no idea what rules parachutes but anything including Pisces helps for making an escape.

For comparison, it's interesting to regress back to 1924 when Duane L. Weber was born in Dayton, Ohio. He's one of the guys who confessed to the crime on his death bed. In Nov, 1924 there were two Grand Trines. Those are good indicators for getting away with stuff in life. One of the Grand Trines is in Water and includes Saturn trine Pluto trine Uranus. Uranus at this point was in Pisces conjunct the Mars of the Hijacking chart. The other Grand Trine is in Fire and includes a conjunction of Neptune to the North Node in Leo to Chiron in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius. So there would be a Nodal Opposition, a Jupiter Return in Sagittarius no less and a Grand Trine including Saturn and Pluto to compare against the Event Chart! Plus, the Neptune conjunctions! Wish they'd give his birthdate.

I figured from the pictures and stuff that it's just some nut pretending he's James Bond, like a publicity stunt or something. Diamonds are Forever was released the next month, I checked.

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