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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wish Marilyn Were Here to Sing Happy Birthday for this One

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is 100 years old today. According to Wikipedia it was created in order to fight a Prostitute Slave Ring on July 26, 1908. Pretty interesting that it has a 5 Cancer North Node that's conjunct Venus on the same degree. The Cancer as White Knight image (then he locks the Maiden up in the Kitchen bound up in an apron). The Moon and Neptune, also feminine, are also in Cancer. There is also a conjunction of Mars to Jupiter in Leo. Very noble, very valiant.

Somehow I get the feeling that the following date is wrong but it turns out that the Central Intelligence Agency was also started on the same day 39 years later. That's just past a Nodal Return. This chart, July 26, 1947 (Langley, Virginia) was also just past the Mercury and Venus return in Cancer as well. They are conjunct the FBI's Neptune. Don't know how that would work for maintaining smooth communications.

The CIA has a 1 Gemini North Node instead of a Cancer North Node which fits its more Mental and Communicative needs.

The two agency's have a Neptune Square. That could allow for some misperceptions. CIA's Neptune in Libra squares the FBI's Cancer Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn opposition. That's great for remote spying.

Other comparisons are interesting and show a strong policing vibe that works in agreement.

The CIA Mars-Uranus conjunction is conjunct the FBI's natal Pluto in Gemini.

And, Best of Best, The Saturn's of the FBI trine each other. And the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1947 was conjunct the FBI's Mars in Leo. To Protect and to Serve and to Control, Control, Control. Mars in Leo can have a strong sense of honor. It would be interesting to compare these dates historically with how the FBI began to treat people, especially during the McCarthy era.

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