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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Opening Bell - Monday, Sept. 29

Tomorrow's Stock Market Opening Bell chart shows a big emphasis on Fixed Signs and Jupiter. Fixed Signs are on all of the angles. There are no trines or sextiles to the angles, but if anyone can handle that energy well a Sun-Moon in Aquarius can. Chiron is within one degree conjunction of the IC and is conjunct the North Node and Neptune in Aquarius who are still hanging out in the 4th House. Aquarius is a very erratic and unpredictable sign and it is not comfortably placed in the 4th House of Housing, Real Estate and Security. But this combination can bring innovation or at least the ability to play and experiment with concepts which is what the Bankers are doing. Unfortunately Bankers are not the most generous people on earth and usually just have their own self interest at heart. They are digging themselves out.

Meanwhile, I'm mentioning the one thing I remember from the Stock Market class that I dropped out of half way through 15 years ago. The Teacher said that when investing always remember that "The Trend is Your Friend." That's two Aquarius Keywords. So, looking for Aquarius and Uranus in a chart could be the way to take advantage of this market. Aquarius is on the IC so opportunities are cropping up in Real Estate and probably in other 4th House businesses like Restaurants, Hotels, etc. Knitters who can design are probably doing pretty well right now by selling their stuff, especially if they use very tactile pleasing yarn. Rich people still have money to burn. These young Pluto in Libra kids are creating unbelievably beautiful knitting, that's for sure. What a relief after the Pluto in Leo and Virgo gunny sacks.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Uranus rules the 4th, heavily influenced by Chiron-NN-Neptune. (Weather, flooding, poisons, stiff jawed, bony assed, rich people from Connecticutt finally able to afford to buy water front property in California, argh).

I suppose I should say that Aquarius is unpredictable so anything can happen. I just can't believe that the politicians will let the Stock Market tank right before a major election (Jupiter-Saturn trine).

Pluto rules the chart and he's a singleton in Fire in the 2d House. The Sun and Moon are in conjunction in Libra in the 11th House. And Sun-Moon disposit to Venus which is still hanging out on the Ascendant at the Opening Bell. So, Venus is conjunct the Ascendant tomorrow but is otherwise unaspected. Venus in turn is in Scorpio and disposits to Pluto. An emotional cauldron. Venus rules Banking, Money, Values. Pluto rules Other People's Money, Investments, etc. Both stand out in this chart along with:

Sun and Moon are squaring Jupiter who is the ruler of the 2d House. This is a challenging aspect. It can represent huge sums of money. The Feds and Congress have worked all week-end and have agreed upon a deal.

I spent some time last week looking through Rex Bills for Rulerships that are relevant to this and noticed that Jupiter has some interesting rulerships.

Legislation, legislatures
part rulership of banks, banking, bankers: Jupiter, Venus, 2 Taurus, Sagittarius (Sun)
Liberals (Jupiter, Uranus)
conservatives: Saturn and dogmatic Conservatives (Taurus)
Civilians: Jupiter, Moon
Civilization: Jupiter
Financiers: Jupiter, Venus, Taurus (Sun, Saturn)
Finance, financial prospects & affairs: Jupiter 2, Taurus, Venus (7, Saturn)
Depositoris (Jupiter)
Department Heads (Jupiter, Uranus)
Regulations Jupiter (11)
Senate, Senators: 11, Aquarius, Jupiter (Neptune, 5)
Public's attitude toward the press: Gemini, H3
Press' attitude towards the public: (9)

Committees are ruled by (Mercury, Pluto). Gemini is on the 8th House cusp for this month. Jupiter is in the 3d House at opening bell right now. The Market really is heavily affected by Committees right now and also the Press. These rulerships are all shown very strongly in the chart. The Moon and Sun joining together in Aquarius in the 11th House and squaring Jupiter in the 3d House. Wow.

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