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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Air France Flight 447 Crash

Yesterday AirFrance flight 447 seemed to disappear in thin air after take off from the radar after taking off from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was destined for Paris, France. The plane entered a storm at 9:00pm. Today some wreckage has been found which confirms that the plane crashed. The last communication from the plane was an automated message sent at 9:14 pm saying that the Electrical had failed.

AirFrance Flight 447

take off: May 31, 2009 7:03 pm local time. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sun 11 Gemini; Moon 21 Virgo; ASC 7 Capricorn; NN 3 Aquarius; MC 27 Virgo

Thanks to Eric Francis at PlanetWaves for his writings on the subject and for providing the time which I struggled with figuring out. I may repeat some of what he says in his post which has probably been updated by now.: http://planetwaves.net/pagetwo/2009/06/01/air-france-flight-447-astrology/.

In this chart one sees major planets close to the angles. Pluto has just passed over the Capricorn Ascendant. The Moon has just passed over the Midheaven. Uranus is exactly conjunct the IC in Pisces. That hits all the water elements plus Uranus which promises Thunder, Lightening and Electrical failures. The Water indicates the Ocean. And Uranus indicates Airplanes and Flight. Pluto indicates Crisis.

The chart is tense also because the Sun is squaring Saturn and the Moon is squaring Pluto. Those are just some big tensions between inner and outer planets. Some powerful abilities to "manifest."

The ruler of the chart is Saturn which is up in the 9th House of long distance travel. The Moon has just passed into the 9th house as well.

These are just the set-ups. Alone they won't pull a plane down. Especially not to make it vanish without a trace. (That's Neptune.)

And that's where this chart gets interesting. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have been in a conjunction on the same degree. They happen to be in conjunction with the H3 cusp of this Take-Off chart. 3d house rules Transportation as does H9. This big conjunction is squaring Mercury, ruler of H3 so it is in conflict in the chart. Plus, all of these planets are straining at this time. The day before Mercury came out of Retrograde and both Chiron and Neptune went into Retrograde so there is a huge shift of speed or direction.

There is also a conjunction of Venus to Mars here across the Taurus-Aries cusp. They are in mutual reception and if the time I'm using is correct, Mars was conjunct the IC during the last automated communication from the plane.


Edit: Gave wrong information for time of the electrical circut failure as 9:14 pm. It was actually 11:14 pm (I'm assuming Local Time). Can't be certain but this might put the Sun rather than Mars at the IC. Uranus in H1 with Pisces Rising. North Node in Aquarius conjunct H12 cusp with a square from Mars 1 Taurus (H2). Not real certain on that information.

The Astrolocality Chart is interesting to look at. It would be great to compare with the flight route and it might hone down what to look for in this chart as far as what went wrong. In that case the Pluto ASC line was crossing over Rio de Janeiro at the Take Off time. The Moon's MC line along with the Saturn MC lines are crossing each other very closely to Rio de Janeiro. So this reflects the Moon-Pluto square affecting the takeoff for the plane.

Meanwhile, the Moon-Saturn conjunction has passed into the 8th House. And the Moon is translating light to Saturn from an opposition to Uranus. And the Saturn line is just due west of the Moon line in the astrolocality chart.

If an Astrolocality Map is drawn up for 9:14 pm when the plane indicated that it had lost electrical power we see some really wild stuff. As the NN was in conjunction with the Aquarius Ascendant there is a North Node ASC line crossing over Rio de Janero. Crossing over that is the Mars IC line. Aquarius rules Airplane flights, as well as Thunder and Electrical. Combined with Mars it can indicate an explosion. I hope that there wasn't foul play involved.

Out in the ocean the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron ASC lines are packed together because of their conjunction! The line seems to follow the flight pattern. Neptune in Uranus conjunct Jupiter would certainly indicate a huge storm.

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