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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Opening Bell Charts and the Saturn-Uranus Opposition

There is talk about how the Economy is improving in the media. Meanwhile there are a bunch of adjustable rate mortgages coming due this Summer. Someone told me that it is feared that as many as 75 percent of these will fail.

So I thought I'd take a look at how the remaining Saturn-Uranus opposition (days of exact opposition) will look in the Opening Bell Charts for Wall St. We are going through a very long pass of this opposition in which the planets will aspect each other exactly 5 times over almost a two year period. The opposition is considered more vibrant because its last couple of exact passes will occur over the Aries Points in the charts. This could indicate problems that are perhaps worldwide and in transition. In traditional Astrology both of these planets are ruled by the same planet, Saturn, so there is a sense that they may not see things all that differently anyway. At any rate, they are here being challenged by Pluto who is in a square with both of them from the beginning of Capricorn. Pluto is a big distillor, he wants to prune away and reduce whatever is dead weight, get to the core. Here he is working on a society level, probably from the point of view of the elite class, the most successful as represented by Capricorn. There is a sense of things going on behind the scenes. Or, perhaps Pluto will get in there and confront the problems and expose them. If you expose too much, of course, you make yourself vulnerable.

Of course, a huge problem with a t-square is that it brings lack in the one spot where it isn't represented in a square. This is the Cancer Aries Point which is so strongly represented in so much of the United States' legislation. Cancer represents the public, the land, anything that nurtures and provides the materials for growth.

The t-square won't ever be exact. They are close enough for Gemini Rising but others might not think this is all that important. Truth is, the Uranus-Pluto square, which isn't going to be exact until 2012 will be within orb of a being considered a square in this Summer's Eclipse so that energy will probably be felt from then on. A good old fixed sign outer planet square is probably good to have for survival when things get tough. The kids born during this time will be able to handle just about anything that's thrown at them.

Eclipses. Again, it's a daunting task to try to follow all this information. The Uranus-Pluto exact squares will be caught in the crossfires of some Eclipses from 2013 through 2015. In May, 2013 the square will be exact right between a Set. That month is when the Scientists say the Solar Cycle will be at its maximum. I wrote about that Virgo guy who was unbelievably great at predicting Financial Crises related to the Solar cycles. Was his name Jevons? Sounds like a Butler.

Saturn and Pluto will square each other 3 times from Nov. 15, 2009 to Jan. 31, 2010 to Aug. 21, 2010. The last time they squared was from 1993-94 and before that in 1973-74.

Uranus and Pluto will square each other 7 times from Jun 24, 2012 through Mar. 17, 2015. The last time they squared was in the early 30s from the signs Aries (Uranus) to Cancer which shows why there is some concern for repetition of the Great Depression.

The following charts are for the Opening Bells on Wall Street and so are set for 9:30 am.
Therefore, the Wall Street's Ego, Vitality, Will, Risk, Creativity, as represented by its Opening Bell Charts, is in the 11th House o f Hopes, Wishes, Community Activities, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Shock, Erratic Behavior, Freedom, Mental Distance, etc. That sets the tone for how Wall St. wants to express itself in its investments. The Sun rules H5 which is a Resource House so this is a great placement.

This also means that often the chart will often be ruled by the Sign that comes before whatever sign the Sun is in. This might be a source of tension as that means that the Sun is often expressing itself through the 12th House of the Sign it is ruling. That can either lead to self-undoing or finding hidden resources. There is always a nagging sense (and, er, knowledge) that there are undercurrents going on which can't be controlled (Pisces, H12). Things aren't what they seem. Off track, back to the charts.

is the world's greatest resource for finding dates for transits along with other great information. http://www.astropro.com/features/tables/geo/sa-ur/sa-180-ur/SA180UR6.html

Opening Bell Sept. 15, 2009 9:30 am New York, NY, Tuesday
Saturn-Uranus opposition is exact at 12:43 PM at 25 Virgo-Pisces
Sun 23 Virgo

Sun 23 Virgo; Moon 9 Leo; ASC 28 Libra; MC 1 Leo; NN 28 Capricorn

Saturn here is placed in House 11 and is conjunct the Sun and Mercury Retrograde. Cautious, disciplined mind. The Mercury Rx will mess up clarity of thinking and communication and might indicate a fearful attitude towards anything having to do with Risk and Entrepreneurship. Opposite is Uranus which is placed in the 5th House. These two are duking it out in the mutable signs of Virgo/Pisces and they are playing with the square to Pluto. This shows an adaptability for change, issues concerning Analysis v. Psychic Knowing, Health, Discipline of Day to Day v. Release into Unknown, and whatever. They are adaptable but nervous. There is a sense that no one knows boundaries and those who feel comfortable with that will either do well or will coerce ire in others. Medical Stocks might come back into forefront but only if they have a product.

So the Saturn-Uranus opposition is taken off the Angles here, which is positive, but Saturn is conjunct the Sun and is squaring Pluto at 1 Capricorn in H3 (Communications). That, along with Mercury Rx shows that Communications will somehow play a part. An Announcement? A lot of Government intervention? Send Congress on a Vacation so that they can't sign any Legislation because they'll just bury us further in. Policing? Ruthless behaviors? Sun-Saturn is also trining the North Node at 28 Capricorn, that indicates that Government is pushing to build. With the 3d House emphasis, just make sure it's not the Tower of Babble we're building. Wonder what will happen with Transportation stocks. Of course, 3 house and Mercury are concerned with the Auto Industry and Newspapers and TV. Kind of interesting, just heard on the news last night that the funds for the Roads are going to run dry in August. Can't remember if that was National or just in California.

Mars here is unaspected at 13 Cancer in H9. Temper Tantrums. International Relations. Academia. A Classical Musician should ring the Opening Bell on this day. Perhaps some infantile behavior that could lead to some good luck. Sounds creative to me. Maybe the Bipolars will have to be taken off their meds and will go back to working in TV and Media so we can finally get some new ideas.

With regards to the houses that rule money directly, H2 and H8, Venus and Pluto, the natural rulers of the 2d and 8th Houses are in reversal position from where they ought to be. They always are at this time of year, maybe why the Market tends to tank around this time, in October. Venus is up in the 10th House and is opposing the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction which will still be in effect in Aquarius (h4). Good time to invest in Real Estate? Maybe a little boom? This will be the event that separates the Haves from the Have Nots? H2 and H8 are empty.

Neptune in this chart is in the 9th House. It is still conjunct Chiron. I wrote a post a long time ago about how Neptune sells so perhaps this is where to look for investment opportunities. In the knitting world the sales are dropping off for everything except sock yarns which are represented by Neptune rulership of the feet. I can't finish two of anything so I'm sticking with Hats for now. I'm so tired of all this mutable sign energy I'm craving some good old Cardinal Aries Sign Head Gear.

Where were we?

Opening Bell Apr. 26, 2010 9:30 am New York NY
Saturn-Uranus Opposition running from H4 (Saturn) to H10 (Uranus)

Sun 7 Taurus; Moon 11 Libra (H4); ASC 5 Cancer; MC 12 Pisces; NN 16 Capricorn

Sun and Moon ruled by Venus, ruler of Banks and Money and Cash.

Once again, the Sun is conjunct a Mercury Rx 10 Taurus. This squares Mars at 11 Leo. Military?

The Moon is squaring the Nodal Axis.

Saturn-Uranus is on the Angles. This is at 29 Virgo-Pisces, gaining on the Aries Points. Jupiter will be at 23 Pisces now in conjunction with Uranus rather than Neptune. (Note the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception is getting one big last hurrah from Jupiter as he passes from one to the next, great for Science and Technology, maybe for politics and law).

Pluto is 10 degrees away from conjunction with the Nodal Axis and is right on the Descendant. Crisis created by others? Both points are trining Sun-Mercury Rx. Relationship problems coming to a head. Anger.

Cancer on H2 Cusp with Mars in Leo inside H2. Emotional volatility concerning finances and security. Points to Real Estate. Moon is in the 4th House and is squaring the ASC/DESC axis and Pluto. Investors, women?

Capricorn on H8 cusp with no planets in H8. Saturn is in the 4th House which doesn't sound good for Real Estate. Saturn is opposing Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces (H10).

Opening Bell, July 26, 2010, 9:30 am New York, NY
Saturn-Uranus opposition is exact at 4:59 pm

Sun 4 Leo; Moon 11 Libra; ASC 17 Virgo; MC 14 Gemini; NN 11 Capricorn

This is the biggee on the Aries Points. Saturn opposes Uranus from 1 Libra to 1 Aries. They are angular by sign and by house. Saturn is in H1 conjunct Mars and Uranus-Jupiter is in the 7th House. They are squaring Pluto at 4 Capricorn in the 4th House. Pluto is conjunct the North Node at 11 Capricorn.

In addition, there is a Full Moon crossing the H5 (Moon in Aquarius) to H11 (Sun in Leo).

There is a big emphasis on relationships here. Oppositions represent relationships, balancing, harmonizing. Libra rules the chart. Feeling of being turned upside down.

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