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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Airline Stocks - Computer Gliches - Hospital Bullies

Because of the Volcano that's erupting in Iceland many of the airports in Europe have been shut down. That means no air flight. The reactions of people is sort of weird. They are getting angry and selling their airline stocks. So I suppose the opening bell charts ought to show something having to do with Airline stocks going on sale.

The European Markets have a different opening bell which I don't know and am too lazy to figure out. The Opening Bell charts right now for Wall Street have a Gemini Rising. Chart ruler, Mercury, has gone Retrograde up in the 11th House and is squaring Mars in Leo in the 2d house. This shows transportation snafu causing a quick dip and maybe a quick way to make some extra cash?

The bigger picture of the stress caused is shown by the big Outer Planet opposition hanging over the 4th and 10th Houses. Saturn 30 Virgo Rx (H4) is opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces (H10).

This morning there was also a gliche in the McAfee Antivirus program caused by a recent update faux pax. The program recognized the shut-off programming on Windows software as a virus and shut all the computers down. Even the computers at Intel were affected. Why does Intel use such a bad anti-virus program? McAfee Antivirus stock also dropped a bit.

It's a good time in History to be a corrupt person. You will free to express your absolute worst side right now. There's a lot of potential victims out there. Stick out those fangs. Be a Bully. I wrote a bad review I had of a Doctor who I went to a year ago. She should have been fired for how she treated me. Actually her entire staff was abusive. I looked up her reviews on Yelp to see if anyone else had had the same experience and all the reviews were absolutely glowing so I gave my two cents. The girl at the front desk was short with me and slammed the glass partition in my face. The Nurse barked my name at me in the waiting room and didn't say a damn thing after that. No small trick considering she had to get me to follow her, step on a scale, follow her back into a room. Good thing I'm psychic. I saw down in the exam room next to a metal tray table on wheels that had remnants of the last exam. There was a tube of open lubricant on the table that was oozing goo onto the metal and a used paper towel with what looked like a pubic hair in it. The Doctor walked in and I told her my situation. I was actually there to see if I could get a referral to a specialist. I'm not sure what exactly she was upset about but she started screaming at me. She was from another country and I think she got so red-faced she was even screaming in her native tongue. At any rate, it was pretty upsetting. In the middle of this the nurse pokes her head in and starts telling us about how another patient's test results came back negative. They continue to talk about that poor patient. After the nurse withdraws her head and closes the door, psycho Dr. starts screaming again. I called the hospital to complain about her and the administrator had no reaction at all. So that was the upshot of my review. Evidentally, Yelp allows folks to go in and change their reviews. Now the review for the date that I left it says something about how the person at the front desk was discourteous. Someone has hit the "Funny" key in the row below the review.

This is unbelievable. These are health care professionals. Doctors and Nurses from very corrupt countries who are openly abusing the system in this country to get money. We will never hear about this behavior on the news. Rich white people will even do everything they can to suppress it. Before I die I will probably come back in and add the Hospital's name and Doctor's name, but why bother at this point? We are so worried that an Irish girl killed herself because she couldn't handle bullying from some High School kids. That's what's on the news. Everyone knows that kids are cruel. That's why God created parents who pay attention to their kids. Or at least he used to. It's a tragic loss of life. From the pictures one can see that the girl who died was ten times prettier than the girls who bullied her. Thing is. What I'm experiencing is a Doctor. I don't know what the bitch thinks she's doctoring, but she's very proud of her status in life.

Oh hell, I'll say the Doctor's name. I just want to see what happens. God knows she must be Googling herself 30 times a day at this point to keep things "unter kontrol." ((((deleted due to fear of retribution, man, Big Brother is the Medical Profession)))). They are in the highly politically correct Bay Area where everyone is a pacificist, politcally correct person albeit hypocrit.

We should just shut all the computers down for the rest of the year. It's not going to be worth the trouble. Here I am babbling away. "Loose lips sink ships." That was the Family Motto in my Plutonian family growing up. Lone Gemini Riser here. Anybody got some spackle for this thing?


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