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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Aloha Bell

Who says what goes up must come down? When the Opening Bell Charts of the NYSE put an 11th House Sun into all things financial every Business Day of the week, the motto ought to be "What goes down must come back up." According to Wall St. Americans are made of rubber.

Anyways, Tim Geithner (sp?) forgets to pay his taxes sometimes but he sure knows how to lay out a nice Stock Market come back. It's that big Leo head of hair he's got. Roarin back.

How come I'm not feeling it? (Personally, I'm utterly Saturn-Uranus-Pluto'd out.)

Today the Stock Market made a major psychological breakthrough. Or is that psychotic breakthrough? Sorry I'm too depressed to enjoy the thrill. Barack, you are awesome. So are you big haired Tim. And Ben, you know I love you even though you own Philip Morris.

Stock Market hit the 11,000 point mark. Yay. This is a spot that it last gave up on July 15, 2008. The lowest point of the Market was on March ______, 2009. Who cares about the date? When the Sun is in a Water Sign, everyone just says, "That figures." I think the opening bell charts showed something around that time which I said was perhaps a "buying opportunity?" Can't be sure. It was something to do with Jupiter. I ought to look it up to see if it is true so I can qualify to toot my own horn (ah, pfft, why bother?).

How come I'm not feeling it? Oh yeah, because watching a manipulated market bugs me. I want education and smart people with good manners and innovation and productivity. Also, there are no interest rates at all for people who want to hold on to their capital so the little guy is being forced back into this risk stuff. Well, Risk is Leo. Big head of hair stuff. Nice visual of a lion roaring fearlessly. Get with the program stuff. pfft x 2.

Kind of an interesting thing to compare the "Aloha" charts so that's what I'm eventually going to do here. In Hawaiian, "Aloha" means both "hello" and "good=bye." I guess if you live on a small island there's nowhere really to go so it's not important to distinguish between coming and going. That's pretty cool. Should have gone to Hawaii someday.

Compare the two Opening Bell Charts:

Day that Dow dropped below 11,000 points:

July 15, 2008 9:30 am New York, NY
Sun 24 Cancer; Moon 23 Sagittarius; ASC 9 Virgo; MC 5 Gemini; NN 20 Aquarius

Day that Dow rose back up to 11,000 points:

Apr. 12, 2010 9:30 am New York, NY
Sun 23 Aries; Moon 30 Pisces; ASC 22 Gemini; MC 27 Aquarius; NN 17 Capricorn

Both charts have Sun in Cardinal (they square each other within a couple of degrees) / Trend to start a new phase?

Both charts have Moon in Mutable, (these also square each other within a couple of degrees) / feeling flexible?

Both charts are ruled by Mercury. That represents the Markets. Virgo gives it up. Gemini picks it up.

Mars is in Leo today within a degree of where Venus was back then. Show Time. Drama. Risk Taking.

In the 2008 drop chart the Sun was in Cancer opposing Jupiter 17 Capricorn. Today the Nodal Axis is layered over that opposition to the degree at Jupiter's spot. (But t.Node is approaching Pluto, dark unless you're really into the Big Boys' rides at the Carnival.) This opposition is layered over the cusps of the H2-H8 in today's Opening Aloha Chart. Those are the financial houses. "Destiny" lines up with Jupiterian luck from 1 1/2 years ago in the financial sector (so obvious in hindsight).

This looks like a Saturn in Virgo thing. The earth signs probably came out pretty here. Saturn had just entered Virgo when the Market began to drop. That shows a feeling of a loss of power and a need to connect back to reality. Saturn has just dipped back into the last degrees of Virgo after being in Libra. After a couple of months of Aries Point action, everyone's now glad to be back in good realistic Virgo. The Stock Market is back. But the jobs aren't. And the Interest Rates have fallen to 0. And the Real Estate Market might go for a second nosedive because the Fed knows that a lot of people out there still have a lot of cash that they need to somehow lose because they've printed a whole lot of extra bills.

The banks have paid back a lot of their bail-out so they will probably now bail-out of the Stock Market. "Interest Rates go up, Stock Market goes down." Thank you Marty Zweig on your yacht wherever you are for a financial lesson I can actually remember. (The other one is "the Trend is your Friend") Both were learned while Uranus and Neptune were passing over my 8th House Moon so maybe they don't really apply anymore, especially since Pluto is heading toward the same spot.

The Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius has been in on angles in both of these charts. Deception, Fuzzy Thinking, Loss of Boundaries, Healings, Wounds that don't Heal. In the 2008 chart it is conjunct the Descendant. In today's chart it is conjunct the MC. That must be why I don't believe this stuff for a minute.

The 2d and 8th Houses (Banks-Money and Investments-Other people's money) are empty in both charts. Pluto is hovering over the cusps of the 8th House cusp in the 2008 chart right now. Saturn has pulled back a bit. Saturn will once again hit that spot in July-Auqust.

There are Moon-Uranus aspects in both charts perhaps reflecting the U.S. Aquarius Moon. The Market is an emotional and erratic critter. The Moon is squaring Uranus in 2008 chart. The Moon is conjunct Uranus in today's chart. That's the surprise/emotional element. The U.S. natal chart is thought to be Aquarius Moon so perhaps this is a signature to look for for changes in the markets.

Wow, the 2008 chart had a conjunction of Mars-Saturn on the Virgo Ascendant. That's the "Driving with the brakes on" signature. Virgo just had had enough. Today's chart with Gemini Rising shows a little curiosity about what all is around the corner. Curiosity kills the cat every time. Ask me about it, Gemini Rising.

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