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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

7.7 Earthquake in Indonesia

Indonesia had another whopper of an earthquake yesterday morning. The 7.7 earthquake had almost the same epicenter in Sumatra as the 8.9 earthquake that struck in 2004. Interesting thing is that this one didn't cause any deaths and almost no damage. And it didn't create a tsunami. Neptune rules the chart and Neptune is conjunct the H12 cusp along with Chiron so that makes no sense at all.

Of course, there's a huge difference between the size of the two earthquakes. 8.9 is probably twice as powerful as a 7.7. And there probably isn't all that much left to knock down in the area at this point anyway.

I thought I would compare the two charts to maybe see if I tell why one would cause so much damage and why the other one wouldn't. I can't. I just don't have the time. Maybe it's impossible to tell. (But, trust me, this has my curious Gemini Rising all inflamed.) Someday it should be an interesting study for someone. The USGS should really teach its astrophysicists (or whatever you call them) to study astrology because this stuff is just too incredible to ignore.

First of all, yesterday's earthquake showed the same Cardinal Sign emphasis that I'm seeing a lot of the time. Sumatra must be at some spot that's vulnerable to inflamation around the time of the Equinoxes and Solstices the way that California is. The Sun here is in Cardinal, so is the Nodal Axis and so is Saturn in both charts. The Sun and Moon are in major aspect with each other. In 2004 they are opposing (Full Moon/Eclipse). Yesterday they were squaring each other and Moon was conjunct NN.

7.7 2010 Earthquake

Sun 17 Aries; Moon 23 Capricorn; NN 17 Capricorn; Saturn 1 Libra;

8.9 2004 Earthquake

Sun 5 Capricorn; NN 29 Aries; Saturn 26 Cancer Rx (H7); Moon 28 Gemini (well, almost Cardinal)

Yesterday's Earthquake is Classic Earthquake Chart. Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant opposing Saturn on the Descendant. Pluto is up in H10. That puts the big t-square on the angles.

The 2004 Earthquake had the approaching Full Moon (Gibbous) crossing the ASC/DESC Axis. I think it was right before an Eclipse as well. In that earthquake the Sun was just passing up over the Ascendant (notice both earthquakes happen around Sun Up) and was at 5 Capricorn/ASC was at 7 Capricorn.

Pluto's Station and placement is perhaps a big trigger for yesterday's earthquake. Amazingly, it was about to turn Retrograde within 4 hours and was at 6 Capricorn. This is right on the ASC/Sun of the 2004 Earthquake (Sun 5 Cap-ASC 7 Cap).

Mercury and Venus are also in conjunction in both charts. I know this is a trigger for Market Crashes in October in the U.S. Why shouldn't it also be a trigger for humongous earthquakes in Sumatra?

2004 earthquake: Venus 12 Sagittarius-Mercury 13 Sagittarius.
2010, yesterday: Mercury 6 Taurus-Venus 8 Taurus.

Both earthquakes are part of the big Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. But both charts have other mutual receptions: 2004 Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception. 2010 Sun and Mars are in mutual reception.

Mars in major aspect to Uranus in both earthquakes. Square in 2004, Trine in yesterday's 2010 earthquake.

It looks like 28 degrees Mutable is a trigger point for major elements in these charts.

7.7 Earthquake in Indonesia

Apr. 7, 2010 5:15 am offshore close to Sibolga, Sumatra

Sun 17 Aries (H1); Moon 23 Capricorn (H10); ASC 28 Pisces; MC 28 Sagittarius; NN 17 Capricorn (H10)

8.9 Earthquake in Indonesia

Dec. 26, 2004 6:58 am (Local Time) (00:58 UTC) offshore close to Banda Aceh, Sumatra

Sun 5 Capricorn; Moon 28 Gemini; MC 11 Libra; ASC 7 Capricorn; NN 29 Aries

Interesting article wonders why yesterday's quake didn't cause more destruction: http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/apr2010/2010-04-07-02.html.

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