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Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Dinky Earthquakes Yesterday in Los Altos

Are we preppin for a big one?

2 Dinky Earthquakes in Los Altos yesterday which occurred on the Cascadia fault line. That's the fault line that I've been paranoid would have an earthquake, a slammer, next month for the past couple of years. But, since earthquakes are very Uranian things, and Michael Lutin says that when dealing with Uranian transits you think of everything that can go wrong and then they won't happen because Uranus always has to surprise you. So, if I write this we won't have a 9.0'er. And if I don't feel fear while I write it Pluto won't manifest anything either. I keep thinking about that bitch doctor I went to a couple of years ago. I bet she lives in Los Altos right on the Fault Line so the whole idea of her house falling down sort of gives me a feeling of relief actually. And FEMA will come in and fix the sewer systems. And the Gas Lines will all explode. That's a drag. Just remember, if stuck in an elevator there's a manual lever either up at the top or down at the bottom that will release the elevator. I still wouldn't be able to figure that out and I don't have a clue why people don't post this info right inside the elevators because all the people who are trained to deal with such things, i.e. middle management, tend to never actually be in the building when shit happens.

Here's the 2 dinky earthquakes. There's a conjunction of Mars-Pluto-NN-Sun which of course squares everyone. But it's conjunct Mercury Rx in Sagittarius which more means that Santa will fall on his butt while crawling down the chimney and won't feel a thing because he's fat and jolly. There's the Neptune-Chiron conjunction which means that people ought to know where the shut off valves are for their gas and plumbing lines. There's the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces which means the same thing, except you need a bigger wrench and a guy in bright orange vest to turn off the lines from the street.

Morning quake, one jolt, teeny tiny but those rich folks in Los Altos could all feel it. Crap, that's where my favorite yarn store. I can't think of anything better than to be in a yarn store during an earthquake and having beautiful balls of yarn fall all over me.

3.1 Breakfast
Dec. 19, 2010 9:28 am

Sun 28 Sagittarius (H11); Moon 8 Gemini (H5 unaspected and out of bounds); ASC 30 Capricorn; MC 21 Scorpio; NN 3 Capricorn Rx (H11)

Neptune-Chiron in H1, only planets on angles.
Saturn rules chart, is unaspected at 16 Libra in H8. Lead planet of Locomotor chart.
Venus ruler of IC, 13 Scorpio in H9 just past over MC.

2.4 Dinner
Dec. 19, 2010 6:38 pm

Sun 29 Sagittarius (H6); Moon 13 Gemini (H11); ASC 22 Cancer; MC 7 Aries; NN 3 Capricorn Rx (H6)

Saturn 17 Libra in H4 is only planet on an angle.



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