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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Solstice 2010

The Winter Solstice is a big one this year. This is because the Solstice occurs just hours before a Full Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse will be seen just before dawn all over North America which makes me want to think that North America will receive the benefits of its energies for bad or hopefully for good. Remember Plato said that people are all essentially good. I've never agreed with that, but I have no qualms about admitting that Plato was smarter than I am.

Just heard on the radio that this is the only Full Lunar Eclipse which will affect Northern California for 84 years. That's a Full Uranus Cycle in its self. There are going to be 2 Total Lunar Eclipses in 2094: June 28, 2094 and Dec. 21, 2094. Wonder which parts of the country will be submerged in water at that point. Uranus rules the U.S. Moon and this Solstice Chart is heavily ruled by the Moon, so perhaps the U.S. will be all for one and one for all again.

Jude Cowell always gives really great interpretations, so check them out here: http://www.starsoverwashington.com/2010/11/winter-solstice-2010-horoscope.html.

Winter Solstice
Dec. 21, 2010 6:38 pm Washington, DC

Sun 30 Sagittarius (H6); Moon 9 Cancer (H12); ASC 25 Cancer; MC 9 Aries; NN 3 RX

The Moon here is really strong. It rules the chart. It's in its own sign and is handle of a bucket chart (read Bob Marks description of Funnel Chart, which is bucket chart: http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/funnel.html).

The Moon Is conjunct the South Node and placed in the 12th House. That's very psychic. Lots of water imagery. 12th House is represented by the sign of Pisces, the 2 Fishes who swim around in circles. Moon represents the tides. Good time to learn how to walk around on stilts. Moon in Cancer will put its own needs first. Pisces will just give up and walk away. They aren't the ones who really are likely to kill themselves, though. That's the old white guys who do that. Can't say that I'm real excited to see how this is going to play out, if you work in a large institution, especially a mental institution, you will have job security -- and probably not for a good reason. Corruption and dishonesty might be a problem within government. There might be problems with terrorism. The violence won't be overt.

The Sadge Sun will be conjunct the NN, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn and Mercury Rx in Sagittarius. The combination of Sagittarius with Capricorn is a combination for high intelligence so I personally like that. Mars rules the Midheaven (President). In the 6th House there will be analysis and analysis and detail after detail. But at least it's off the angles.

Saturn (President) in this chart is down in the 4th House which is the Moon's house. The President is very aware of the needs of the people. He is trying to make the changes through use of Will and Service. I think he's awesome.

The Sun is on the Aries point about to move in to the sign of Capricorn. But, it's still in Sagittarius, which means that people's opinions still count. People are still searching, but are sick and tired of the search. The Sun (Vitality) is opposing the Moon here. So that might be bad. It might also keep the relationships open for awhile in order to fix things in the areas related to H6 and H12 interests. We do need a strong willed Sun conjunct Pluto and Mars in the 6th House of jobs and public health. Mercury Rx in Sagittarius is kind of clumsy, but I personally like clumsy, especially when people are cracking jokes about how stupid their opinions are. Moon opposite Mars can be violent. Full Moons are sort of known for bringing out the same sort of whacky, although statistically New Moons are more thorough in that regard. But how things are and how they appear are often totally different things. With Saturn down at the bottom of the chart, one thing's for sure, we're feeling the pinch.

But this is the point in time when the builders can begin to set a solid foundation. Too bad the 3d house is so empty and its ruler, Mercury is Rx. That's the education of the children thing. I guess that won't kick in until the families and the parents start doing their thing. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is up in the 9th House so the higher education thing is still highlighted.

This is an extra potent Solstice because it happens so close in time to a Full Lunar Eclipse which will be seen over North America. I believe I just heard on the car radio that this is the last Full Lunar Eclipse which will be seen over North America for 84 years. That's a full Uranus Cycle so Uranus' placement at the end of Pisces/beginning of Aries is also very important at this time.

For the United States this is just really incredible because the U.S. Moon is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. The U.S. Sun is at 14 Cancer. This is in conjunction with this Solstice Moon. The U.S. Jupiter is at 6 Cancer and Venus is at 4 Cancer. So the U.S. is very strongly Cancer/Aquarius. This eclipse is basically telling giving us report card right now and pointing us in whatever direction we need to go.

Funny how the Neptune-Chiron conjunction right now is conjunct this Moon sign and the Moon in this Solstice Chart is in the 12th House. Neptune rules the Oceans, Institutions, the Imagination, Drugs, and hopefully, the Arts. This is great for Ipad sales. Do we still have any Art in this country or has it all been wiped out by Reality TV shows and Pluto in Virgo penchant for criticism rather than creation? Go dig out your old Beatles album and try to just get through this. Neptune/Pisces needs some quiet time.

So, yeah, with Saturn in H4 and Moon in Cancer one wonders what this will do regarding flooding and earthquakes. I can't find it but a while back I mentioned that Jan. 2011 was the time I would be most concerned about Earthquakes on the West Coast. Well, actually any time starting from now. There have been major 6.0 or over earthquakes during every Solstice/Equinox month this past year (all in Mexico, one in Eureka, CA) which shows the Cardinal influence aspect which seems to influence earthquakes. And that makes sense because the 1st Degrees of Cardinal equate to the poles of the earth, especially Cancer and Capricorn which represent North and South.

Financially don't know what to say. All the Resource houses are empty except for Neptune-Chiron in H8. That looks like some bankruptcy issues. Saturn in the 4th House might indicate some more problems with housing. Venus is in this house as well so there might be some emphasis in beautifying what one has. Check out the REI for new innovations in tents. Well, with Venus in Scorpio, maybe more like caves. (invest in Arizona R.E.?).


Neptune-Chiron lines run through South California/Baja.

The big 6th House stellium DESC plus Moon ASC lines run through Texas/Lousiana and up sort of Northward and Westward. New Orleans seems to be the land of opportunity right now along with the states which are directly above it.

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