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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In Which I Take a Looksie at the 2012 Thing, Or at Least a Part of It

The U.S. right now is having a Saturn Return. Why are countries always bombing other countries during their Saturn Return?

This is a reminder (to me) that the U.S. Saturn is at 15 Libra (H10) and is in a square with Sun 14 Cancer (H7) and is opposing Chiron 21 Aries. The House placements are for what I seem to remember as the Sibley Chart with the Sagittarius Ascendant, give or take a couple of degrees.

U.S. of A.

July 4, 1776 5:12 pm Philadelphia, PA

So I'm still trying to catch on to the 2012 panic attack thing. That's when I believe the Earth will be lining up with the Galactic Center. And some other stuff.

What I just noticed the other day are the Solar Arcs. That's when the planets are all moved forward about one degree per along with the progression of the Sun. On Dec. 21, 2012. This is a good way to begin with this chart because it really lights up the natal planets in a super duper hysterical way.

At that point Solar Arc Pluto will be on top of natal Neptune at 23 Virgo, and Lilith will be close by. Wow, the U.S. just completely blacks out? In the Sibley Chart this occurs up in the 9th House. So public. So corrupt. At least we might get a couple of good paintings or symphonies out of it -- finally. Noel Tyl calls that aspect "Wipe Out." It will be a Beach Boys song from Hell? So either we wipe out the rest of the World or the Rest of the World wipes us out? Or this is just what happens when illegal immigration occurs from countries from 3d worlds. Bring us your greediest, your most aggressive, your least sensitive, intelligent or talented. And don't ever, never, pay taxes or nothing. And never show gratitude or grace. Just learn to use the Internet and steal from other people's accounts. Maybe it will be easy and the Afghanis will give up on their own country and come to our Country to plant their poppies. So, so pretty.

Or the Oceans wipe us out? Or become dead zones?

Or we become truly psychic beings who have stare-out contests with fish, wherein the fish win. Whalerider, anyone?

Either way, it's up at the top of the chart so people in other countries are going to be watching with baited breath, isn't fun having to have diplomatic relations with people who just want you to screw up so they can show up in your country and flush grease down the drains?

Maybe it's not all grease. Maybe some of the aliens are from other planets. Maybe we'll feed them to the fish. Either way, Stephen Hawking has already warned us about Stranger Danger so we're partially prepared. You see those big old mesmerizing Neptune-Pluto eyes and, baby, you fucking book it the hell out of there!

Imagine two spirals spiraling here.

The U.S. has a natal square from Mars in Gemini (H7) to natal Neptune. When Pluto is added that could indicate that things get a little unfriendly. One could look at which houses these planets rule to get more info but I don't like to get that involved with a chart with only a speculative Rising Sign. (Okay, okay, Mars rules the IC of the Placidus Sibley chart, Pluto rules H11 and H12, and Neptune rules Pisces which is completely intercepted in the 3d House. So, there will be territoriality issues.)

And then right there on the Descendant of the Sibley Chart Saturn will be just past conjunction with the country's natal Uranus is at 9-10 Gemini (Desc 13 Gemini?). Saturn and Uranus don't really get along well with each other in mythology. Saturn represents the Old Guard who tries to contain Uranus and Uranus represents the New Guard. And their fight is basically a total drag because it starts the Wheel on its downward turn. People will have just an inkling of why we need introverts. And why our thinkers need more depth. And why we don't have the old creative spark to get through it all the way we used to. This will happen in the sign of Gemini which rules Siblings, Neighbors, Communications, Transportation. Actually Gemini is a very creative sign with all kinds of thoughts about how to fix problems and the U.S. Uranus is trining the U.S. Saturn and the Solar Arc Uranus will be trining from its own sign of Uranus (H2).

So, Houses involved in the Sibley Chart are H2 (Banks, Money, Values, Material Objects), H6-7 cusp (Partners, Marriages, Open Enemies, Diplomacy), and H10 (Status, Ambition, Direction). Grand Trines can show Ease of Feelings, Flow. Can also show self-satisfaction and self-containment and this will manifest through mental (Air) channels of detachment, reason (wouldn't that be nice for a change?).

The other big Solar Arc conjunction is Solar Arc Venus at 28 Aquarius which is conjunct the U.S. Sibley Moon at 28 Aquarius. More detachment. That's so Age of Aquariusy. This is in the 3d House of communications, early education, neighbors, siblings, etc. Maybe there will be a big change in public schooling. Parents will write a year long excuse to stay out of class for their kids.

In the secondary progressed Chart there is a long opposition of Venus to Mars layered over the U.S. Saturn-Chiron opposition. Venus on Chiron in H4 of Sibley and Mars Rx over Saturn. In 2012 p.Moon and p. Lilith will be over natal Saturn. Oh God, that's women. Sarah Palin may really run for President. How sad.

Squaring that is natal Sun, of course, which is in a very long term conjunction with progressed Jupiter which is moving in Retrograde back towards Sun from the 8th House.

So, that Sun-Saturn-Chiron t-square is heavily lit up.

Then we look at the transits to ask why Dec. 21?

Mercury and Venus will be at 16 and 8 Sagittarius right over the Ascendant. They will be opposing natal Uranus, SA Saturn and transiting Jupiter at 9 Gemini! And Lilith will be there, Lilith is always there when something happens.

Then the Moon will at some point during the day pass over natal Chiron 20 Aries in the 4th House. This will trip off the Saturn-Sun-Chiron t-square. So there is an emphasis on 1st House: Our Identity is heavily challenged by folks who are doing their Jupiter-Saturn thing. And by coincidence, the transiting Sun and Pluto will be in the 1st House of the Sibley Chart. And Mars will be in conjunction with natal Pluto (Will) in the 2d House (Values). And that's Capricorn.

And Neptune will have just moved into Pisces, it's own sign. There will have been an Eclipse Set back in November: Nov. 13 (Total Solar) and Nov. 28 (Appulse Lunar).

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Blogger Demetrius said...

I've sense something about the veil between dimensions thinning for a LONG time. Let's see what ALL happens with and after the 2012 elections - merely six weeks before that date!

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