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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World's Most Boring Day

NPR hosted an interview with a Cambridge Computer Scientist who has determined that April 11, 1954 is the most boring day of modern times so far. Nobody (so far) famous was born or died on that day. And nothing happened.

Apr. 4, 1954 GMT (I used noon time to set chart)

Sun 22 Aries; Moon Cancer/Leo; NN 20 Capricorn

Well, people born on this day were likely born with a Cardinal Grand Square in their charts. Grand Squares hit a lot of road blocks in life and that doesn't always lay out the easiest path towards success. The Aries Sun opposition to Neptune-Lilith squares the Nodal Axis with Uranus conjunct the South Node.

Looks like a bunch of hippies who born on got lost at Woodstock. These people would have been very idealistic and had Grand Dreams about how we all get along. And then nobody wanted to be around them. The ones born around Noon have a t-square with apex Moon in Leo squaring stodgy Venus in Taurus opposite constipating Saturn in Scorpio. If these people ever came down off their 60s high they probably spent all their money at the therapist's office. Or they skipped Woodstock and became dentists and real estate agents and are content to have a nice practice and an annual trip to somewhere exotic. Nothing fancy. Venus in Taurus is the final dispositor of the chart, they just want to be comfortable.

Kind of interesting to notice that Mars is at 29 Sagittarius. Along with Gemini Sagittarius is probably the sign that's most conceited about not wanting to be boring. Interesting that Mars is on the last degree of Sagittarius which happens to be the Aries Point, assuring that at some point it will become known for something big, even if it is for something, well, not big. And the Announcement has been exposed just as Pluto (Fame) and the North Node are just hitting each other within very close range (4 or 5 degrees).

It's also a Nodal Return in Capricorn.

And the day's progressed Mars has turned Retrograde and is at 8 Capricorn (Rx) so it hasn't moved much since that day.

And who knows what people will be saying about that day in another 100 years, history being what it is, assuming that Progressed Mars will have turned direct.

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