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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Celebrities Who Don't Age Well

I know, I know.  I can't post on this blog anymore.

But, read an article with a list of celebrities who haven't aged well.  Couldn't find the birth times for all of them but at least 5 and maybe 6 had Moon connected with the IC/MC axis.  Well, two of them did not have it in conjunction, but very close.  Moon rules the public and the IC.  The MC, or Midheaven, rules the career and description of how a person stands out in society.  Midheaven, ruled by Saturn, also describes old age.  It rules skin and bones and things that fall down because they have climbed ever so far up the mountain in life.  Moon rules babies.  Can't explain why Moon might be connected with this particular trait of not aging well, maybe spirit is too connected with childhood trauma.  Actually, it seems to be connected with drugs, rock and roll, and plastic surgery goofs. 

The article was really mean and showed terrible pictures.  Had Keith Richards, Lindsay Lohan, an English model I've never heard of, Melanie Griffith, some guy who got fat don't we all?


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