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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Day That Twinkies Died

Is this the end of junk food in America? Hostess bakeries has shut down due to a workers strike which means that they will no longer produce the food with the longest shelf life in history. Twinkies have even been considered so poisonous that they have been used as defense arguments in murder cases. Wow, this is the end of an era for sure. Twinkies are dying on their Uranus return which is interesting. The u.s. has an Aquarius moon which indicates that the national diet (moon) will tend to be weird (Uranus). Twinkies were invented by an Aquarius baker back in 1930. Funny how Uranus in Aries was squaring Pluto during that year too. Pluto rules poisons, of course, and creativity, and bankruptcy. I guess it can only arise from up out of its Phoenix ashes, though. And, even though the company has 86d, I'm sure there are some Twinkies out there, like Hollywood movie stars, which will never decompose. Maybe Monsanto will buy the company and start using Twinkies in a new SuperCompost. Oh who cares? I'm already being gang stalked. Put cleaning solution in my oil tank.


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