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Monday, October 29, 2012

Big earthquake and Super Storm

Richard Nolle predicted these. 7.7 earthquake off coast of Canada. 10/27/2012. 3:04 UTC, 8:04 pm LT, 139 km S of Masset, Canada, queen Charlotte islands off of b.c. Coast Jupiter in gemini opposing mars in Sagittarius right over the Gemini Asc and Sagittarius descendent. Sun c. Saturn in Scorpio in h6 Mercury c. Nn in Scorpio in h6 Neptune seems to always be in conjunction with Chiron in Pisces Moon in aries just past conjunction with Uranus in Aries in h11 Right before a full moon, and it was big this weekend Pluto in Capricorn in h8, interesting that there was little damage reported that I've read about Venus 30 Virgo in h5, on Aries point Super storm sandy which is due to hit the East coast tonight. Biggest storm ever. Loses hurrcicane status at 7pm et. Makes landfall at Atlantic city, nj around 8pm et. That's the same local time as the 7.7 earthquake. Jupiter c. Ascendant in Gemini opposing mars in sagittarius. Moon right now is in Taurus so it's full. Landfall it's at 9 Taurus c. H12 cusp opposing sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio on h6 cusp. Craziness. Sun c. Saturn. Be prepared. Last news report sounds like it's force is dying down a littl. It was a rare tropical storm with a hurricane in side. Now there's no hurricane. Heard a scientist talking to Gwen eifel on NPR, I thinkit was Gwen eifel and I don't know how to spell her name. He said the storm is rare because of the double storm thing going on, the way it's not going back out to sea, it's hitting land on a full moon (sun in water scorpio, moon in earth taurus), and is hitting at high tide, and is hitting a densely populated area. He said other things but I was driving and couldn't write all down. Oh yeah, very low pressure which creates lots of wind. Venus and Jupiter are in air signs. Both mercury and Venus háček changed signs since the earthquake on the west coast


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