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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Texas Star

I'm tired of Astrologers making their next best guess about when George Bush will be knocked off by Tecumseh's Curse. Let's look at something awful that's happening in his Reign right now. George's Natal Chart is linked up with his Transits and Progressions to roughly fill out a Grand Sextile Configuration. When this configuration appears in the sky, astrologers call it a "Harmonic Concordance." They think it's a great New Age Phenonmenon. Granted, the shape in Bush's chart is not exact, the orbs are a bit large in parts, but, let's just say this Star is "Close enough for Government."

So, how is George using his own little Harmonics for the betterment of mankind?

After 5 1/2 years of not making a peep, never vetoing a single bill, George put plume to palm and finally spoke his mind. July 20, 2006. The Man speaks his mind. Either that, or this is the first time he's been briefed about Current Affairs since taking Oath. Anyhoo, what's got him up in arms, what's his cause? Terrorists and Fetuses. On the grounds that it is Morally Wrong, President Bush has decided to not allow Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research. It's a Save the Children thing. Keep those Embryos in the Medical Waste Bin where they belong.

I'm not up on my Embryonic Stem Cell Research but I believe there's a Genetist in San Francisco who can multiply the life expentency of an roundworm by adjusting just one gene in the worm's strand. And the worm appears to perk up again too if it appears to be near the end at the time of the procedure. The worm only has 22 genes but just think if this we could be applied to humans. The Fountain of Youth and stuff. And that's just the fun stuff and George has Saturn in his First House right now and Youth and Fun Stuff isn't where he's at. People with any number of genetically predetermined diseases could possibly be completely spared a life of pain and illness if this type of research could find a way to treat them. These Medical breakthroughs are on hold because of George's Morals. The same Morals that brought us 3 years of war in Iraq for weapons they didn't have. Wow.

Here it is in Astroblab. Bush's chart is lit up with a Star of Sextiles. Easy peasy sextiles, the bliss out factors of the skies. Trines and trines. Man, this guy has it too easy and when you have it too easy that's when you really mess up. Start with House 1, a biggee in Bush's chart. Natally, Mercury, Pluto and Venus are there in Leo. Leo rules Children. Leo loves the Children. Saturn is passing over this and Saturn rules Fatherhood. Bush is feeling very Paternal these days. But, if you can remember the mythology, or at least the Goya painting, Saturn got jealous of his kids and ate them. He's not your basic Soccer Dad kind of Paternal. Saturn and Pluto are mighty Mighty when hanging in the 1st together. Both planets bring great Karmic disaster if used unwisely and often they bestow a feeling of underlying fear and terror that manifests as selfishness and cruelty. And it's the stuff that will come back to bite you. It's got Spurs, George. Jingle, Jangle, Jingle.

Moving on, this stellium is bounded bysextile to Bush's Natal North Node in his 11th House on one side and sextile to his Natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction in his 3d House on the other side. His progressed Mars is conjunct his natal Moon right now. Mars represents kids and Moon represents Motherhood and Childbirth so his heart really goes out to the Fetuses right now. He also could be a little more emotional and impulsive right now, just down right angry, a virtual BMW driver if you will.

There's more: Sextiling the 3d house planets from Bush's 5th house, transisting Pluto and Progressed Moon have been conjunct each other. 5th house rules one's kids, Moon once again represents Motherhood and Childbirth and Pluto represents Reproductive Organs and Control and Power trips. He really wants to put a lid on Women's Reproductive Rights. He and his buds are even managing to reverse Roe v. Wade in some states like South Dakota. I don't even want to think about how this is manifesting with George's own daughters.

Ok, we continue around the circle. Next sextile is Neptune in George's 7th house of partnerships. He's seeing something special over there, with Neptune the edges are always a little overidealized and blurry, but he's seeing how he's going to make things pretty for his partners. And his VP is certainly blurring the edges, not quite shooting straight, plugging lawyers in the heart, er, upper chest region. Who knows what's keeping Laura going right now. And Tony Blair is wiping off food that Bush spits out as he talks with his mouth open and the German Chancellor is shrugging off back rubs. Neptune and Saturn have been opposing each other with Jupiter squaring from the 4th house (of home and women and childbirth). So, the food, the back rubs, and I've got to hand it to him the Homeland Security, the Middle East, it's all a big deal for him right now. But the Sextiles and the Trines, they are pointing to that one certain thing that Bush knows in his heart of hearts.

Moving on and topping all this off is George's Midheaven. This is how the world perceives him. Aries is a pretty simple sign. It's straightforward, goes after what it wants and thinks about the consequences later, if at all. Many Aries are great Generals, great Leaders. They definitely like to come first. Usually they're kind, warm people. But, remember the MC is how people perceive you, it's not how you necessarily are. We've got Pluto-progressed Moon trining the MC from the 5th house of Children and Saturn(Paternal)-natal Pluto (Veto), Mercury and Venus (women, love) trining it from the 1st house.

So, while I was writing this there was a Full Moon conjunct the Saturn-Neptune trine and George and Homeland Security really did score a big success by helping to catch a huge terrorist plot at Heathrow Airport in London. So, maybe the Big Star in Bush's Sky really is working. The people with Leukemia will just have to suffer and the little girls in South Dakota will have to make do with their coat hangers.


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