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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Bad - Chart Shapes

I've probably made a thousand errors interpreting charts so far but since no one is reading this blog I guess it doesn't matter. One error has come to my attention that I've been incorrectly Charts as having Locomotive Chart Shapes when that's not necessarily what they are. The planets fill up two thirds of the chart and there is a remaining third with no planets. It must be bounded by a trine between the two end planets, otherwise it's not really considered an official Locomotive Chart. Of course, there are many charts that have a few empty houses in a row than Locomotive Charts. They probably seen as similar but not as effective. Bowl Shape Charts are most "official" when bounded by an opposition but can be accepted still as Bowl Shapes if the end planets are out of orb. Just had to clear this up.

Here is a great link to understanding chart shapes:


Here is another great link explaining chart formations:



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