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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Queen's Neck

Necks are ruled by Taurus. Necks and Shoulders. "Plato" was reportedly a Taurus. "Plato" itself means "Broad Shouldered." Often you will notice something exceptional about a person's neck who has Taurus strong in their charts either in their appearance or in health weaknesses.

I mention this because I just saw the movie "The Queen" about the life of Queen Elizabeth during the week after Princess Diana's death. It's an amazing character study, highly recommended.

I read an interview with Helen Mirren who copped an incredible likeness of the Queen as Star of the Movie. She said that only her lips and eyebrows were changed with make-up, the rest was all in how she held her head on her shoulders. Everything's in the neck. If you go to the movie with this in mind you will notice how all the actors pay particular attention to this body part in their portrayals of their characters. The actress who plays Tony Blair's wife wiggles a very loose neck which represents her modern, easy going mannerisms and attitudes, for example.

So, I looked at the Queen's chart to see if Taurus were prominent. Was hoping for a Taurus Rising but no such luck. And actually found what I was looking for in HRH's Moon which is in Taurus. This is actually more appropriate as the Ascendant represents only a person's physical appearance whereas the Moon represents one's Character. Obviously this helps to give a richer, deeper portrayal. Moon in Taurus is conservative, stubborn, friendly and easy-going. These qualities through the whole film stike the viewer as defects until the very end when their strength and wisdom become apparent. Also, Taurus rules money and one's values. The movie is basically about the Queen's coming to terms with changing values of both herself and her subjects. Such an insightful and intuitive portrayal of her Moon Sign!


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