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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tim Berners-Lee

No matter what Al Gore thinks, Tim Berners-Lee is the guy who invented the Internet. They both share a Capricorn Moon but pretty much nothing else.

Tim Berners-Lee
b. June 8, 1955 (no time) London, England

Like Craig Newmark, Berners-Lee isn't greedy. He created the Web and asked for no Royalties, no Patents, and hopefully, no Regrets. He thought the Web must be an open place for sharing information that is available to all. Must be the Neptune in Libra square to Uranus people. Hippies!

Berners-Lee is a Gemini with Mercury also in Gemini. How great is this for someone who used a concept called "hypertext" to something called the "World Wide Web" in order to build and create the first web browser? In Berners-Lee's chart, Mercury is retrograde and conjunct his South Node. This emphasizes its importance in his chart and shows a spiritual history from previous lives to develop communications and information systems. "I just had to take the hypertext idea and connect it to the TCP and DNS ideas and -- ta da! -- the World Wide Web." If you've ever known a Gemini, you know that this is how their brains work. No big deal, no messing around, whether it's finding all their friends dates to the prom or linking Beijing to Amsterdam, no big deal. The Sagittarius North Node shows how this internal talent should be manifested and projected out to the whole world. Sagittarius rules higher education, philosophy, religion, publishing and international affairs.

Berners-Lee first wrote the initial proposal for developing his concept in March, 1989. Uranus, Saturn and Neptune were all in conjunction in Capricorn at that point. Since I don't have his time of birth I can't say whether or not this was close to his Moon or not, only to say that wouldn't it be wonderful in astrological terms if it were? This creates a Yod, "Finger of God," in his chart with Sun as apex inconjunct Moon in Capricorn on one leg and Saturn in Scorpio on the other side. Pluto was conjunct his natal Saturn in Scorpio and remained close by due to retrogrades until the World Wide Web was officially born on August 6, 1991. During this whole time both legs were receiving conjunctions from all the outer planets. At that point, transiting Jupiter was also conjunct his natal Pluto. This brought in an extra dose of luck, fame, and also connects the ruler of his North Node with a very powerful, karmic spot in his chart.


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