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Monday, October 23, 2006

Favorite TV Moms

Jane Wyatt passed away yesterday so thought I'd take a look at the charts for all the Favorite TV Moms.

I expected a strong emphasis on the Moon in the Actresses' charts which shows a nurturing personality but found that in only one chart, that of June Lockhart. As the Midheaven shows what a person is known for I expected strong Lunar influence there but was also surprised by its absence. I at least expected the actresses' MC's to be aspected by the Moon but was also surprised to see that lacking in the charts for which I could find a time.

Neptune seems to be strong in their charts as one would expect from an Actress. And Mars always seems strong. Jane Wyatt is the only one who didn't have Pluto in Cancer. Her Pluto was at the last degree of Gemini which is close enough to be considered on the Aries Point for Cancer. Pluto's sign may be the key. It seems there have been very few TV Moms from the Pluto in Leo and Pluto in Virgo generations.

Here's a list of Names, Roles, and Birth Information for the Stand-Outs in my memory.

Jane Wyatt b. Aug. 12, 1911 (time unknown) Campgaw, NJ
role: Margaret Anderson in Father Knows Best

Sun in Leo, Moon in Pisces

Barbara Billingsley
b. Dec. 22, 1915 Los Angeles, CA
role: June Cleaver in Leave It To Beaver

Sun in Capricorn Moon in Aquarius (maybe Pisces)
Sun opposite Pluto in Cancer, Grand Trine Uranus-Mars trine Jupiter in Scorpio trine Pluto in Cancer.

June Lockhart b. June 25, 1925 New York City, NY
role: Dr. Maureen Robinson in Lost in Space

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto in Cancer mostly opposite Jupiter in Capricorn

Shirley Jones b. Mar. 31, 1934 5:30am Charleroi, PA
role: Shirley Partridge in The Partridge Family

Sun in Aries conjunct Mars!, Moon in Libra
Pisces Rising, Sagittarius MC
Pluto in Cancer at apex of t-square to Uranus opposite Moon

Florence Henderson b. Feb. 14, 1934 5:00am Dale, IN
role: Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces
Capricon Rising, Scorpio MC


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