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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So I'm sitting in a coffee shop reading the Sunday Paper, I think it was Sunday, and the man at the table next to me is desperate for company. He doesn't turn around and talk to me because I know how to emit death laser vibes to strangers who bug me with their clutching loneliness. But he's very jumpy, kind of loud, gets a couple of bites from the people sitting to his right but loses them.

At the table in front of him a very old man is sitting. He's very proper, has got on a raincoat and a rainhat and he's sort of picking up the newspaper, sort of watching the loud, lonely man in horror. Undaunted, the Loud guy starts up conversation with him, some freakishly personal question that the oldest man probably wouldn't have responded to at any other point in his life. But now he is hooked and the Loud Man slowly reels him in. Why not? This old man it turns out is 83, a retired engineer, he's just lost his wife, just sold his home for a million dollars, and is moving into a group home where he will be cared for. His closest daughter lives an hour away. He has no car. He looks like he wants to run away but unfortunately at this late date the Circus will have to come to him. Age 83: the Neptune opposition, the Uranus Return. Well, that's a Circus full of aspects.

The Loud Man, age 62. He's alone, a wild architect full of stories about projects, just had his foot amputated due to Diabetes, his car was just totaled in an accident and he can't afford to replace it. The engineer doesn't ask too many personal questions, but the Loud Man just keeps them firing away while offering his own personal answers at the same time. The School he went to. The buildings he worked on. He offers information about getting around on the bus. He offers the old man Benny Hill videos. At Age 63 he is due to experience the waning square of Uranus to its natal spot; he's sort of acting like maybe it's already hit. Age 59-60 is marked by both Jupiter and Saturn returns, Pluto maybe probably trining its natal spot.

I doubt they will ever talk again but it's just odd to see two such different people put into such similar circumstances. The straight Saturn Man is getting tossed around by Neptune and Uranus and the creative Uranus-Neptune guy has been ravaged by Jupiter and Saturn.



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