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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Missing Children - The Boomerang Effect

Pisces is the sign of Wandering and getting Lost. Uranus conjunct Pisces North Node right now is bringing up some odd, miraculous stories of the return of lost children. In Missouri a young boy was abducted and police, following a lead given about his abductors white truck, found not only this young boy, but another boy who had been abducted more than 4 years previously. I was wondering what could cause this Boomerang effect so I looked up "Boomerang" in my Rex Bills Rulership Book. Lo! Behold! Uranus rules Boomerangs! In Pisces conjunct the North Node it is literally returning lost children to their parents! The Saturn/Neptune opposition and recent Pluto square to the Nodes and Mars-Pluto-Galactic Center conjunction on January 13 also may have had a weakening effect on any restraints which may have been holding the kids.

There's a story in the news this week about a woman in Cambodia who was caught stealing rice on January 13. She was caught sneaking onto a man's property, naked and hunched over, walking like a monkey. She doesn't speak except through sign language patting her stomach to tell people she's hungry. A Man and his Son have both identified her as their Daughter/Sister, Rochom P'ngieng, who wandered off while hunting Water Buffalo in 1988 when she was 8 years old. For 19 years she was missing, living in the jungle, maybe even held captive from the looks of the rope burns around her wrists.

19 years indicates the Nodal Return. The North Node was in Pisces in 1988 and it has now returned to that spot and is conjunct Uranus. If she really is Rochom P'ngieng, she is realizing the Return of her Progressed Moon to its natal spot.

And also, Pisces rules Water and large animals like Buffalo.



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