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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Step-Parents in Astrology

Are you from a "Broken Home?" Ah, poor thing. Maybe your picture should be pasted on the side of a milk carton or something.

I don't know, what are the Statistics? Maybe half, more more than half of the children in the United States will grow up in Divorced Homes. Nevertheless, Astrologers don't recognize the role of Step-Parents in a chart. The whole subject is x-d out, Neptune'd if you will.

If you ask which house rules Step-Parents you will be directed to the same Houses as the Parents. This is asinine, of course. Rarely does a Step-Parent play the same role in a child's life as a Parent. The kid already has both a Mother and a Father. The Step-Parents are thrown in extra. Nature knows how to put limits on what a kid can handle. Two is plenty. Most kids complain about that. But, Modern Society has decided to pack a few extra bodies into the equation and call it "One Big Happy Family." Any complaints? Well then you must be one of those spoiled brats who manipulates The Parents through The Guilt.

In the Rex Bills Book on Rulerships, there is a long list of where to look for information on Step-Children. Step-Children are indeed thought out. This is, of course, because the Step-Parents are the ones with the money. They are paying the astrologer to kiss their ass while telling them how to subdue the rugrat.

We all grew up reading stories of Cinderella and Snow White in Childhood. Some of us lived it. Oh no, Cinderella and Snow White weren't from Divorced Families, their Parents died and it was just a coincidence that both girls had evil Step-Mothers. (Those fairytales don't really describe difficult family relationships, they are actually metaphors for political strife in ancient Guelfland anyway -- HEHE -- a little more Neptune for ya). If the Parents are still living and spawning relationship after relationship like a 1950s SciFi movie then what's there to scream about? The Children are expected to forget about the Parents' failed Romances. Forget about it. Neptune. You were a Ball and Chain at Age 5, just wait until age 21 when you will be a Chicken with your Head cut off, running from house to house at the Holidays trying to please your ever-displeased cloned family subsets. Neptune.

The Relationships that result are sometimes healthy, providing either Social Status or Financial Stability to a single Parent which is then passed on to the Kids. My Step-Sister inherited my million dollars so she became really rich. So some kids do benefit. I have rarely met a Step-Child who has a Healthy Emotional Bond with a Step-Parent. Come on! It's really awkward and neither wants the other one around. They both know that the relationship is going to fall apart once the Honeymoon is over. And the amount of interrogation that Junior goes through when he gets "home" to his other set of parents makes Abu Ghraib look like the U.N. Usually the kids just accept an awkward, distant relationship with Mommy's husband Fred and Daddy's 4th girlfriend Rapalinda. Ooo, and when there's a negative relationship. The violent families. If your Daddy beat your Mommy then your Mommy will be attracted to a Step-Daddy who beats her too. Ew. And you "The Child" are given up as lost by Society. Poor thing, Milk Carton Time. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy are Nymphos and Casanovas and there is a long line of Dates with various personal problems like Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling and Children of their own. The Parent becomes like an Adolescent buddy who the kids must take care of. Then again, sometimes Mommy and Daddy are frumpy and don't date. The kids from those set-ups always grow up with elitist political ideals.

What is never recognized is that the Kids are rarely given a choice about what happens to them and the Parents do. That's called a Traumatic Event that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Mommy and Daddy feel some sort of odd guilt but know from the advisement of their well paid and respected psychotherapists that the child will adjust to their needs. Do the children adjust? Hell no. The children keep their mouths shut. And they forget. Neptune. They listen to both parents' personal problems ad nauseum in stereo during Quality Time, unpack their little suitcases at one house and then another, and then they move out to create their own chaotic relationships when they cease to be a Tax Deduction at age 18.

So, here is the paltry amount of information that I have found.

Rex Bills says that all parents are ruled by the 4th and the 10th houses. Used to be that 4th house represented the Mother as it is the House ruled by Cancer and 10th house ruled the Father as it is ruled by Capricorn. But, now there is debate about that as Modern Parental roles are changing. Sometimes Mom is the bread winner, for example, 10th house.

Camilla Sutton in her Nodes (Vedic Astrology) book says that Step-Parents are shown by the 11th house. This seems to get get a little closer to accuracy in reading as Step-Parents tend to be distant and a bit freaky and artificial, lacking in warmth, sort of a business relationship based on community cooperation. My own Step-Mother couldn't quit telling penus jokes at the Dinner Table, for example. That's weird Uranian behavior. Advice: If you're a Step-Parent, I don't care how drunk, don't tell penus jokes at the Dinner Table to your adolescent Step-Kids.

In Western Astrology the 11th House represents the Step-Children because it is opposite the 5th House of natural children. Makes sense as Step-Children are weird, freaky little wishful thinking types creations of unions that are generally pretty erratic and unpredictable.

The most successful insight was given to me by an astrologer, Judyanne, http://www.judyanneastrology.net. If one believes that the 4th House represents the Mother, then the Mother's 2d Husband will be represented by the 9th House from the 4th House. This means that the 12th House represents a child's first Step-Father. If one sees the 10th house as representing the Father, then his 2d wife is represented by the 6th House. This axis really seems to work as 6th and 12th houses are usually not as strong in influence as the angular houses and represents feelings of victimization, service, and empathy. If a Step-Parent is to be successful, he/she will have to surrender some part of his/her ego in order to take on his/her role. Most fail at this as it is a truly spiritual endeavor and they are in the relationship for drugs, sex and money, but, that works also as 12th House represents failure. Also, of course, 12th house rules a person's hidden enemies so it would be a good house to look at anyway in order to try to understand possible vulnerabilities or outlooks.

You can continue counting Derived Houses according to how many disaster Mom and Dad put you through. 3d, 4th, 5th, zillionth Marital Partner. Don't ask me about the Live-In, Love-In relationships. Hell, just check out the 12th house, look to the 8th house for other people's money to know if you have an inheritance they can steal, and then look to your 2d house to see if you have the self-esteem to handle it.

Overall, it's good to look at a person's 4th and 10th houses, Moon, Saturn, and Nodes to see how a person will be influenced by these parts of his life. If there are nothing but trines and empty houses and happy rulerships then the person may not have been fed any of Snow White's poisonous apples and will Neptune the whole experience out.


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