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Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Hold Your Wee for a Wii", Or Not

Last Friday a woman in Sacramento, CA, Jennifer Strange, tragically passed away after drinking 10 bottles of water over a three hour period while trying to win a Nintendo Video game called a "Wii" for her kids. This contest was set up by a radio station in Sacramento and was supposed to be a fun, harmless way to market the latest craze in Video crap for kids. People have contests eating zillions of hot dogs, so what harm could a couple of bottles of water do to a person? Unfortunately, we got to find out. Ms. Strange was one of the final contestants and finished the contest as a Runner Up. The contestants were in bad shape. One woman said that toward the end she was lying on the floor with her teeth chattering uncontrollably.

Ms. Strange was 28 so she was in her Progressed Moon Return and nearing her Saturn Return. That's all I know about her birth information other than that she would probably have been born in 1978.

The Radio Show was called the "Morning Rave" and played from 5:30am to 10am in Sacramento, CA. I'm not sure when the Water Drinking contest took place so I ran the 10am chart and, boy, it's really scary!

First off, Pisces is Rising. Pisces is one of the Water Signs and rules Intoxication and Poisoning in Medical Astrology. Uranus and the North Node are in Pisces right now and were conjunct the Ascendant. Uranus rules Weird events and Uncontrollable Situations and the North Node rules Fated Events and here they are in wildly challenging stress aspects to both the Ascendant and MC, the indicators for public events.

That's just the beginning. Uranus and Neptune are in Mutual Reception right now and have been partially blamed for the big weather tragedies (well, along with Global Warming) like the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Neptune is in the 12th house of this chart which is the House that it rules so its presence is very strong. And I repeat, this house/planet rules Intoxication along and also is one of the houses ruling death. Uranus-NN-ASC are also being squared by Mars-Pluto-MC in Sagittarius which is a great stressor for violence and danger. But not only that, but ASC-Uranus-NN are also squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th house. Jupiter in its own house and sign which makes it also very strong in the chart. It rules overindulgence and expansion.

Finally, Venus rules the Kidneys. Venus was in the 12th house conjunct Chiron (wounding) in Aquarius (sign of the Water Bearer) and also approaching conjunction with Neptune by about 9 degrees. It was squaring the Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house of Death. Max Heindel in his Medical Astrology book claims that often problems with eliminating urine are indicated when the Moon is squaring Mercury which the Moon had done just previous to squaring Chiron and Venus. Plus, Moon in Scorpio has its own issues with retention and control. In order to win, the contestants weren't allowed to pee any of the water out. Ms. Strange (a Uranian name even) went home crying and with an awful headache. Her mother found her dead in her home in Rancho Cordova hours later. Apparently Water Intoxication can cause fatal swelling of the Brain. From an astrological stand-point this is interesting as Venus/Libra rule the Kidneys and caused a Fatal Reaction in the Brain which is ruled by opposite sign Aries.

Saturn can't be left out when discussing retention. Here, Saturn is opposing Neptune as he has been doing for greater or lesser degree for about a year.

This chart is just really incredible to read after the fact, and unfortunately could have been very useful to look at before the contest. It's an extremely dangerous looking event chart.

The Radio Station has suspended the show and has fired 10 employees.

My heart goes out to Jennifer Strange's family.

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