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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center

Pluto finally docked for its first pass at the point in the Universe called the Galactic Center. This is a point that is thought to have a strong magnetic pull on the rest of the Universe. It might be some sort of Galactic Drain Pipe of sorts. Indeed, Pluto's position in our Solar System has suffered a demotion from the Astronomers this year who decided that Pluto is no longer a true Planet but a "Dwarf Planet." Pluto's own magnetic qualities and slow transits have brought much attention to this point.

So, this is a long transit, Pluto-GC, it will hit a couple more times in the next year. Last Friday when it went exact there were a few notable events. A White Dolphin that had lived in the Yangtze River in China for 20 million years was officially said to be extinct. Called Baiji, these River Dolphins were very shy and almost blind. Polar Bears were also put on the Endangered Species list due to loss of habitat, melting glaciers. Sagittarius, being a Centaur, is very concerned with animals so it is interesting that we're suffering these losses (Pluto). I've also sort of noticed how Sagittarians tend to wear lots of White. Emily Dickinson, famous Sagg Sun, wore white from head to toe, was even buried in a white coffin.

A Basque Terrorist group bombed an Airport in Spain unexpectedly right during peak holiday travel times. Pluto in Saggitarius has been strongly influencing Terrorists and Religious Fanatics of all kinds. Anything or Anybody with a strong Opinion about just about anything is going to be popping off about something.

Also, the U.S. lost a President and Iraq executed its past leader Saddam Hussein on the same day. This makes me wonder about something really scary. If you die at the same time as another person do both of you belong to some kind of Karmic Graduating Class? Like, how, during this life, I will always have to see this girl Cameron who I grew up with every time I go to High School Reunions even though she bullied me and gossiped about me mercilessly the whole time when we were growing up and continues to do so (they never change)? Gerald Ford was a nice guy, Saddam not so hot. I'd feel really bad if they had to get drunk at the same Etheric Bar together night after night maybe after almost killing each other.

So I looked at their charts and found some interesting stuff.

President Gerald Ford
b. July 14, 1913 00:43am Omaha NE

Sun at 22 Cancer ASC 14 Taurus Moon 4 Sagittarius MC 25 Capricorn

Saddam Hussein
b. April 28, 1937 07:05am Tikrit, Iraq

Sun at 8 Taurus ASC 9 Gemini Moon 5 Saggitarius MC 19 Aquarius

Well, they are bonded. Their Moon Signs are conjunct in Sagittarius by a degree. Saddam's Sun is conjunct Gerald's Ascendant from the 12th house. Jupiter was conjunct their Moons when they both passed and everyone always says you want to die on a Jupiter transit, so that part is hunky dory.

President Ford, such a nice, mellow guy, just ended up with Dark Dark Partners. Well, Betty seems to have sobered up nicely and certainly seems pretty nice. But Ford was Vice-President to Richard Nixon and became President because not only was Nixon was a Crook but he got caught so he was a dumb crook. Dark Side of Scorpio on the Descendant in action. Crisis after crisis on the Partnership front. His Scorpio DESC is emphasized because, Scorpio's ruler, Pluto is squaring Ford's Nodes. In addition, Ford's North Node is Pisces so he really may have been stuck in some sort of Martyr position in this life. A Martyr with Power. Well, at least he didn't die on a Cross. Pluto rules Death and the Occult so he may really be stuck flying around in the ether with Saddam right now. His Moon is in the 7th House of Partners and he does share it with Saddam. The Rulers of his ASC and DESC, Venus and Mars are both in his 1st House. Boy, I feel so bad, I hope he's up there with the Dolphins and Saddam took the escalator downstairs.

I mean, I'm not into the Death Penalty and I think a Public Hanging is Barbaric out of its mind, but I wouldn't want anybody to be stuck in Eternity with Saddam. The Flags have been flying at half mast all week and I'm sure that deep down Saddam thinks that's being done for him.

Looking at creepy old Saddam's chart we see that North Node is in his 7th House, obviously he didn't succeed in his Diplomatic Relationship abilities during this lifetime so it's pretty obvious that he's set to reincarnate for a few more rounds. The rulers of his Nodes are Jupiter (NN) and Mercury (SN) and they are in H8 and H12, both psychic houses of the occult. Neptune squares his Nodes from the 4th House (end of life) so its looking worse and worse not only for Good Old President Ger, but even more so for the Dolphins (Neptune rules Creatures of the Sea). I don't think that even they, great spirituals beings, would be able to set Saddam's spirit onto the correct path.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

FORD WAS A NICE GUY? Please ground yourself on this planet. Do a little research and you'll uncover the truth about this odious effluence ... something that his chart either does not reveal or that you have failed to see, blinded by the 'nice guy' sunny-glasses. Sadam Hussein was a bloody marvel by comparison.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous. I tend to think that Bush is "a nice guy" but completely hate his rulership. Ford's presidency was so short and he followed such a bad act I don't hold him responsible for any great evils. If you'd like to elaborate on "odious effluence" with some concrete information I'd be interested in hearing them. Nice verbage. Unfortunately it says nothing.

10:33 PM  

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