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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Ability to Transform Others (in a Good Way)

Pluto rules Scorpio. It's Magnetic; Attracts; Powerful in an understated way. If it is strong in a person's chart it is thought to give them the ability to transform or bring about great changes in whatever areas are indicated. A recent article in the newspaper, "Trying to Explain 'a Brush with the Divine'" by Louis Sahagun, LA Times (published San Jose Mercury News on Dec. 16, 2006), listed Spiritual Leaders who have the ability to transform others in Healing Way. I thought I'd look at their Ascendant/Descendants to see if anything is indicated that will show exceptional abilities. I'm just going to assume that Pluto will be strong. All 4 charts are listed in the Newsmakers list at astrodatabank.com along with in-depth discussions of their charts.

The Pluto influence is very strong in the relationship patterns in all four of these great people. But, I don't know. Nobody ever gives em credit but it looks as if the Taurus Moon people are leading in this field. Something's to be said for the Venusians.

The Dalai Llama
b. July 6, 1935 4:38 am Tengster Village, Tibet (China)

Sun and Ascendant both in Cancer. Sun in H1 along with Pluto conjunct South Node. (Geronimo had Pluto conjunct South Node as well). Right here we have a strong magnetic quality, ability to transform. He has 4th house Mars squaring the Nodes and Pluto which heightens his powers but also lends a highly, disruptive influence. Although probably the greatest Religious Leader alive, he has been driven out of his homeland. (similar to Geronimo!). House 1 is a small house so Cancer rules the 2d house too emphasizing the Moon's rulership of his chart.

Descendant and H8 have Capricorn on cusps so Saturn rules both houses. North Node is only occupant of this house so his "Fate" during this lifetime is to give of himself to partners, to diplomacy.

The rulers of the Dalai Llamas' 1st and 7th houses are the Moon and Saturn. These are approaching conjunction to his MC and IC. Saturn is the natural leader of the 10th House so people will easily accept him as a Leader or Father Figure. What could be harsh, overly ambitious qualities of this aspects are strongly softened by the opposition from the Moon-Neptune conjunction in the 3th. He's a Communicator, his subject is Compassion and Kindness (Neptune). This opposition apex of a Kite to his Grand Trine pattern. His MC is Pisces, ruled by Neptune. The opposition is squared by Chiron (Healer, Teacher with unfixable Wound) in the 12t house (Neptune's House). This strong t-square on his MC-IC must somehow indicate his reincarnation as Buddhist Master.

What is exceptional here, maybe the thing that really sends the Dalai Llama's chart over the top with his incredible powers is his Mystic Rectangle involving Moon, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter. It is set into his chart to sextile the midpoint of the ASC and the Sun in a house shape. This means that his DESC is the empty leg. I wonder if this draws other people who come into contact with him. In my interpretation of Patricia Dunn's (ousted Hewlett Packard executive) chart I noticed that she had this shape exactly opposing Carly Fiorina's Sun (the CEO who she helped oust). Perhaps there is a super magnetic quality for people who fit into the empty leg of these types of charts.

Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi)
b. Sept. 27, 1953 9:10 am Quilon, India

Ammachi is known as "The Hugging Saint." She can heal people by hugging them.

Sun in Libra, Scorpio Ascendant, Taurus Moon (H7).

Pluto is strong because it rules Ammachi's chart. It is placed in the 10th house and squares both her Moon and her Ascendant. Her Moon also squares the ruler of its sign which is Venus. Venus is in Virgo conjunct Mars, also in H10. Perhaps this stellium of Pluto, Venus, Mars in H10 is highly magnetic.

Her chart is bowl shaped bounded by Saturn and Moon, all in upper half of chart so she's mostly an extrovert, she will show parenting due to the Saturn and Moon influence.

Grand Trine involving Libra Sun trine Moon in Taurus trine North Node in Aquarius in H3. Sun and Moon in signs ruled by Venus and working in harmony to help her to find her Fate through H3/Aquarius matters: Communications, Siblings, Neighbors.

Mother Teresa
b. August 26, 1910 2:25 pm Skopje, Yugoslavia

Sun in Virgo in 8th House (Scorpio's House) opposite Chiron.
Sagittarius rising. Chart Ruler Jupiter in Libra conjunct Libra MC and apex of a t-square to 1st & 7th House planets, Uranus opposite Neptune. It also opposes Ceres in a Grand Square configuration. Ceres represents nurturing qualities in a person.
Mercury rules Descendant. Pluto conjunct Desc. Neptune in also in the 7th House.
Mercury is in H9 in Virgo apex of a t-square to the ASC and DESC/9th house.

So, the Pluto influence is there and the repeated influences on the ASC/DESC pole. Virgo is strong here showing a desire to serve.

North Node conjunct Moon in Taurus. (Ammachi also has Taurus Moon).

Pope John Paul II
b. May 18, 1920 5:30 pm Wadowice, Poland

Sun in Taurus conjunct Moon in Gemini in H8 so there's the Scorpio Influence. Also, the North Node is in Scorpio in H1.

Venus rules the Sun Sign and also the entire Chart. It is in Taurus in the sign of its rulership and in the 7th house which it rules. So, Venus is very strong in this chart. It is conjunct Mercury and the South Node. It's interesting to contrast the Pope's 1st House NN with Mother Teresa's NN in H7. The difference between being the Pope and being a Nun. The Mercury-Venus-SN are squaring a conjunction of Neptune-Jupiter-MC in Leo.

Mars rules the DESC and is conjunct the Ascendant. Only aspect to a planet is a quintile to Uranus in Pisces.

Leo MC, like Ammachi. The MC is how people perceive you. I'd definintely rather hug a big cat than just about anything else. John Paul's loveability quotient was simply very high with Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction with his MC.s

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