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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Major Lunar Standstills, Murders and Killer Weather

The City of Oakland in California has recently had a sudden & huge increase in Murders in the last couple of years. I checked to see if this is related to the Major Lunar Standstills that have been happening in 2005 and 2006. This is a phenomenon in the sky where the Moon hits its highest peak in the sky and then drops to its lowest point within a couple of weeks. The ancients are thought to have paid particular attention to them through their Megalith Structures. There seems to be no real idea about whether these affect people's behaviors but since the Moon is involved and the Moon can make a gal howl, I thought maybe.... Well, no dice.


City of Oakland, California
incorporated May 4, 1852

Oakland has a very uncomplicated chart. There's a huge stellium in Taurus: Pluto 1 Taurus; Uranus 5 Taurus; Mercury 8 Taurus; Saturn 9 Taurus; Sun 15 Taurus. Taurus is pretty mellow and low-key. Gertrude Stein was born in this town. Her description of it is the famous quote "There's no There there." These are aspected by Jupiter and Mars also in Fixed Signs. Unfortunately these two can be quite volatile; once you get the Bull charging you had better have a Matador ready to handle him.

The remaining planets aspect this stellium.

Jupiter in Scorpio (retro) opposes the Sun.

Mars at 12 Leo squares Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Uranus.

Venus at 30 Gemini (Aries Point) sextiles Pluto.

Neptune sextiles everything except Pluto.

North Node at 10 Cancer sextile Mercury-Saturn.

Transits and Progressions this past year.

-t. Saturn c. Mars.
-Jupiter Return (in Scorpio) conjunct prog. Mars.
-T.Uranus c. Neptune in Aquarius and inconjunct n.Mars. This is good, Oakland has been also growing as a great Art Town and with all those Taurus planets should thrive in that field.
-Progressed Mars squaring natal Mars.
-Progressed Sun squaring the Nodes. Progressed Sun, oddly, is in Libra, the sign of Peace.

A lot of hits from Mars, Jupiter and Sun on a predominantly Fixed Chart. It will be interesting to see what happens when Pluto hits Chiron in early Capricorn in 2008. Hope this indicates a major reform in policing policies.

And, about the Major Lunar Standstills: they could have something vaguely to do with the harsh weather conditions in the last two years. The Indonesian Tsunuami occurred 3 months before the first Major Lunar Standstill in March 2005 and Hurricane Katrina, of course, happened at the end of August that year. There was also a huge earthquake in Pakistan along with other events.



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