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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I M N INFP. R U? Grrr8!!!!

I'm an Introvert and everyone I know is an Introvert. I just read a fun essay called "Caring for Your Introvert" by Jonathan Rauch in Best American Science and Nature Writing 2004. The essay says that 25 percent of the population is Introverts and that our brains are wired differently. The writer says that as an Introvert he has to adjust his schedule so that for every hour he spends with an extravert he must spend 2 hours by himself recharging. Politicians tend to be Extraverts. George Bush is an Extravert. 25 percent of the United States will need 16 years to get over George Bush's 8 years of running the country. Or something like that. I'm beginning to realize that I may not be Introverted as much as just crazy, especially when I write nonsensical stuff like this. Anyway, Extraverts test as Happier people. When you ask an Introvert whether or not he's happy he'll go off and think about it and realize that maybe he really could be happier. Extraverts will just say "Hell, Yeah! Aren't You?" And then he'll want to go have a beer with you.

Introversion and Extroversion (spellings?) were invented by Carl Jung. He published a book in 1921 "Psychological Types" which spelled this out. In 1921 there was a Saturn opposition to Uranus. Jupiter (Extrovert) was conjunct Saturn (Extrovert) that year in Virgo (Introvert) and Uranus (Extrovert) was in Pisces (Introvert). These are three extroverted planets placed in introverted signs. I'm mentioning them because two women created a famous psychology test that classifies people into 16 different classes of people. It's called the Myers-Briggs test and they decide for you where you fit into the Introvert-Extrovert scale. I took this test in a career placement class. I wasn't surprised to find that I was Introverted and I was absolutely delighted to find that I have nothing in common with Morticians.

This test, the Myers-Briggs test, was created by a Mother and Daughter team who were originally having "a situation" over the Daughter's boyfriend. The Mother was a Capricorn and pointed out that the Husband's personality didn't quite fit into the family ambience. At first I thought, oo boy, Mom's a bit of a control freak but then I read about the boyfriend. The Boyfriend went by the name of "Chief." Nobody wants their kid, friend, or neighbor for that matter marrying a guy named "Chief."

So who the Hell's gonna wanna be attracted to a guy named "Chief?"


No Guess again.

Answer: Libra. Libra will play Cowboy and Indians with anybody just as long as they get to take long drags on the Peace Pipe at the end. The daughter was a Libra.

This isn't the whole story. There a bunch of different tellings of it and I'm sure I've picked mostly the wrong details. What I want to state here is that the Mom, Katherine Cook Briggs, had a natal Saturn-Uranus opposition. (Saturn in Aquarius opposite Uranus in Leo, extroverted). She gave birth to her daughter while there was a Saturn-Uranus conjunction (Saturn conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, sounds much more Introverted, much different generation than daughter). Together they did a very Saturn-Uranus thing I think by categorizing human personalities into 16 categories that would hopefully bring respect to each different type. When I was in the class learning that the Extrovert girl sitting next to me had a lot more options available in career placement I realized her value in a new light. If she had asked me out for a beer I would probably have felt immediately exhausted. The Libra daughter was motivated by the extreme divisiveness of people of the time from the two World Wars. People needed to learn to respect and accept each other again on a big scale (that's Uranus influence for sure).

I'm just pointing out this Saturn-Uranus thing in this blog entry because it seems connected to the good side of the Saturn-Uranus aspect. We have another one of these coming up in a t-square format along with Pluto. A similar Cardinal sign t-square formed in 1931 while the Great Depression was in full swing and can cause the extreme tension that caused the formation of the Nazis rose to power in Germany and will test people at a very basic level of existence (Cardinal). I'm just trying to remind myself that these things can manifest in so many different ways. We just really have to try to use it in the right way. (although I'm clueless on how to go about that myself).

And also check out how Carl Jung's chart plays into this. 1st House Saturn in Aquarius opposite 7th House Uranus in Leo. Saturn is also squaring Pluto, Uranus is out of orb! (I actually wrote this whole blog entry without looking at his chart! and just decided to before hitting the publish button!)

I think Saturn-Uranus combos have much more of a connection to wanting to categorize people in a way that keeps them managed. One can do it coldly or one can do it kindly. Isabel Briggs' chart is really fascinating. In addition to the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio she has the Neptune-Pluto conjunction in Gemini (data processing, categorizing). These form the boundaries to a bowl shaped configuration in her chart. So, she was "bound" by all this outer planet energy to understand the relatedness of "The Other." And, of course, Libra Sun fits right in with this.

Isabel tested out as an INFP. And I had to look to see what indicates marriage to a Chief: she had Mars in Scorpio, just like her Mom, actually. Chief tested out as an ISTJ. They were complete opposites except for their common bond of Introversion. Ah, isn't that sweet? 2 hours apart for every 1 hour together ( I think I'll add this blog to the True Love Label.)

Indicators for Introversion and Extroversion in Astrology:

There's the idea that a person with planets predominantly above the Horizon of the chart are Extroverts and those with planets below are Introverts. It gets much more complicated than that. Most people of course have planets on either side and are combination plates. Extroverts often don't have great inner knowledge. They will perceive a hangover as a need to turn inward for an afternoon. If only 25 percent of the population is Introverts then this can't be an acceptable signature as everything below the Horizon is 50 percent of the chart. Americans hate Introverts, though, we've begun to label them as Asberger's Diseased or something. Americans didn't invent the astrological wheel but we did invent the Myers-Briggs test and psychologists tend to be Extroverts so what can I say? The woman who invented the test was an Introvert, so there. What a ramble.

Katherine "Mom" Cook Briggs

b. Jan. 3, 1875

Sun 14 Capricorn; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 24 Aries (conjunct opposition of Neptune-Jupiter)

Isabel "Daughter" Briggs Meyers

b. Oct. 18, 1897

Sun 26 Libra; Moon Cancer; NN 3 Aquarius

If interested please look at the charts with the mind that both were accomplished writers. Mom wrote Biographies. Daughter wrote Murder Mysteries. I just think that's interesting.

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Anonymous Phel said...

INFPs unite! :)

I interact regularly with org psychologists. All extroverts. Very ENTJ. Through all of their thinking out loud, I can't come to any other conclusion than introverts just...suck. Until something really needs long term detailed work. Or a computer crashes... or....

7:02 PM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

Lol! Thanks for the comment phel. Good luck with the psychologists.

12:09 AM  

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