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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Turkey Bombs Iraq, Doesn't Tell Anyone

Turkey has bombed Iraq and didn't tell anyone. Turkey is experiencing very strong transits and Progressions right now. According to Astrology Weekly (http://www.astrologyweekly.com/countries/turkey.php) this is Turkey's data:


Oct. 29, 1923 8:30 pm Ankara, Turkey

Sun 6 Scorpio; ASC 8 Cancer; Moon 29 Gemini; MC 10 Pisces; NN 10 Virgo

A very emotional chart due to Water Dominance. Others don't take them seriously due to Pisces MC conjunct SN. This point is heavily aspected right now.

The Transits:
  • Uranus Return conjunct MC (n. Uranus14 Pisces, t. Uranus 16 Pisces, MC 10 Pisces Rebellion, Unpredictability, Surprise // Neptune, dispositer of MC and Uranus is in 3d house of neighbors.
  • T. Saturn c. IC and natal South Node, Progressed ASC is also conjunct this point Pushing Home Borders
  • Long Retrograde Mars conjunct natal Moon (Chart Ruler on Aries Point in H12 (secret enemies), ASC, and Pluto (H1 - power).
  • Mars is also squaring natal Mars 8 Libra in H4. Mars-Moon-Pluto in hard aspect and angular - extreme emotional volatility.
  • Venus Return in Scorpio.
Last but not least:
  • Sun-Mercury-Pluto-Jupiter all opposing Chart Ruler very close to the Descendant.

Both Progressed Sun and Moon are changing signs right now, a time of tension and change. As said above, Progressed ASC is conjunct the MC-IC axis.

Turkey's Progressed Sun has just moved into Aquarius which means that it is identifying very strongly with this Uranus Return. Progressed Moon is on the last degree of Cancer moving into Leo, a need to assert one's self. It's also inconjunct transiting Jupiter-Pluto-Sun conjunction.


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