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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Democrats in the Election, Mars, Astrolocality

Twilightstarsong wrote an interesting blog comparing Presidential candidate John Edward's chart with that of the French artist Henri Rousseau. I don't understand Politics but if you bring in an Artist my interests spark up. So, anyway, I started thinking about the Democrats, maybe a little late in the game. Astrotabletalk has also written an incredible analysis connecting early to mid-Cardinal signs with wins of Presidents in the past (during times of major outer planetary aspects): http://astrotabletalk.blogspot.com/2007/01/next-american-president.html.

I figure this seemingly endless Mars transit through the end of Gemini-beginning of Cancer is a good place to start when looking at the Candidates's charts. I'm only looking at the leading Democrats here for now in order to see which parts of their charts Mars is revving up. Then I remembered that Howard Dean destroyed his Presidential Race when he had a Martian like outburst while on his Mars Line. It literally destroyed his campaign. Mars has impulse control problems. So I think we need to respect Mars. Mars rules Aries and is the starter planet. Let's see what kind of a leap out the gate the Candidates are dealing with astrowise.

The big deciding influence for the Race is said to be on Super Tuesday on February 5. Mars will be out-of-retrograde at 25 Gemini. Mercury will have gone back into Rx though and will be at 20 Aquarius conjunct Neptune and Chiron. There will be no squares and the Moon will be void-of-course most of the day. The Mars-Pluto opposition will be going most of February. Maybe nobody will show up at the Polls and with the Mars-Pluto opposition anyone who does show up will be shot. Two days after that on Feb. 7 there will be a Solar Eclipse (3:55am UT) and a total Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 21 (3:26am UT) so emotions may begin to heat up.

John Edwards has Mars at 28 Gemini so he is going through a Mars Return. Spunky Monkey. This will happen in his 12th house which adds to his mystique. His Mercury is at 8 Cancer so the Mars RX is also hitting his verbal communications and relationship with the media. His astrolocality is a lot like Clinton's. Uranus on the East Coast, Mars running through the middle of the country, Jupiter on the West Coast. Arizona and up northwards might be difficult for him due to Pluto influence.

Barack Obama has Venus at 2 Cancer so Mars has been adding to his Sex Appeal and also enhancing his Charm, Social Skills and perhaps also Values regarding nurturing. His natal Venus is trining Neptune so his allure is definitely assured. No birth time so no astrolocality. I think the whole country is his Venus line.

Mars is currently passing over Hillary Clinton's ASC at 30 Gemini (from astrotheme) and her Uranus at 26 Gemini. She has to either exploit the fact that she's probably putting out more power right now than Hoover Dam or somehow find a way to way to funnel it through her inner Neptune. Mars is sextiling her natal Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 3d house which definitely shows a highly competent person who must keep her words from appearing too coarse. She has to watch out that she doesn't freeze up in front of the media. There's an ancient Indian Medicine Wheel in Wyoming that she should maybe visit on her travels. This would hook her into the earth magic that exists in that area for her. (astrolocality: Her Mars-Saturn-Pluto lines all fall over Texas and run up into the Rockies). Start playing John Denver music, Hillary. She's got a lot of different major lines running through the U.S. so must put on a lot more hats than most in order to appeal to everyone.

Bill Richardson also has Uranus at 26 Gemini. His Moon is directly opposite at 26 Sagittarius. I imagine that with Mars hitting this opposition he's feeling pretty frustrated right now. Interesting that like Clinton he has Mars-Pluto-Saturn lines running through the Rockies. They even pass through Albuqurque, Richardson's main town. But, he has a Neptune line running right through Washington. I would imagine that's probably not the best influence for the Presidency because of its associations with victimization and confusion.

An interesting aspect I found in both Clinton's and Edward's charts are their Thor's Hammer configurations, both with Moon at the apex. A Thor's Hammer is composed of 3 planets. 2 of the planets are squaring each other and in a 135 degree aspect to the third apex planet. It's considered a challenging aspect like the t-square. Otherwise, I've never been able to find a real good interpretation for it. With these two, I'd say it somehow indicates a strong drive to help the less fortunate (apex Moon in nurturing mode). Perhaps the emotionality of the situation lessens their appeal as Candidates as the Moon reaches out in difficult Octile aspects to squares in their charts. Both Candidates are very concerned with Children, the Poor, and Healthcare. All Moon related concerns. They have to relax their emotional concerns and give off the appearance of ease in dealing with these issues.

Edwards' Gemini Moon is octile/sesqui-quadrate (135) to a square between Chiron (wounding, teacher) and a conjunction of Saturn-Neptune (compassionate authority figure) so one can see a strong personal struggle to help the less fortunate.

Clinton's Moon in Pisces is Octile/Sesqui-quadrate an unbelievable square of Mars-Saturn-Pluto (H3, Leo) to Venus-Mercury in Scorpio (H5). This shows great passion in communications and thinking and organizational ability plus a sense of the dramatic. I think Hillary's problem might be her weak Neptune. She doesn't hold back on what she thinks and feels. As it is placed in her 5th house and not strongly placed in her chart she might not make people feel like they can improve their lives through her. Neptune sells. She has a Neptune line running through Brazil. Hmm, maybe she should lay off the John Denver music and play Brazilian Music at her rallies. You can see why I'm not into Politics.

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Blogger Twilight said...

Not into politics OTCA ? You could've fooled me!

Lots of good stuff here.

I'd noticed John Edwards' Mars return and thought how appropriate - many journalists have been calling him "angry" in past weeks. Good! We need angry!
I hope he doesn't go all soft when Mars moves on.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Out the Comet's Ass said...

LOL! Well, I do have my opinions...and I'm very frustrated with the way things are right now....

Edwards has been impressive lately.

1:10 PM  

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