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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Amy Winehouse

I don't follow pop musicians much beyond what I hear in elevators but was really captivated by Winehouse's performance on the Grammy's. I was really hoping to see her perform someday and I have absolutely never ever said that about a pop musician. Eric Francis has posted an interesting post on Winehouse on his Planet Waves site. It's kind of shocking that he reminds us that Rock Stars die when they are 27 years old and that this looks like the road that will suck up Amy. But maybe that the kind of Arfy Arf she needs to see next time she Googles herself. Either way I hearby plea to Amy Winehouse to please don't die. No, No, No, Please don't die. (As this blog travels the bottom of the bowl on Google she'll never read my plea, plus Virgos can't stand typos so I'm just as well off that way.)

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Something else really interesting in Eric Francis' post was his inclusion of the asteroid or fixed star or whatever it was called Lachesis (Asteroid). I took a bonehead homeopathy course way back when and vaguely remembered the horrifying remedy picture of Lachesis the snake who constricts a person. I don't know if anyone out there compares Homeopathic remedies with Astrological Fixed jiggies but this one sure does gives some interesting insights.

Francis talks about how Pluto has been transiting over Winehouse's Neptune in Sagg. This is a generational thing that has been upsetting 20 something's worldwide, a party hardy crowd for sure. Winehouse's Neptune is extra vulnerable as it is conjunct her Moon and the Galactic Core. And also the asteroid thingee Lachesis. Here's what Francis says:

Pluto has been going over this Moon/Neptune/Galactic Core arrangement for nearly as long as we’ve known about her, pushing her into a profound spiritual crisis. It is like a confrontation with her soul essence through confronting deep isolation and death. It is nothing you would want to go through.

She has an asteroid mixed into this configuration, also in Sagittarius: Lachesis. According to Martha Lang Wescott, Lachesis “interrupts” an evolving sequence from going as one would have expected (from the way it began or is underway).

Here's a remedy description of the psychological side of Lachesis for people who fit the Remedy picture. from www.herbs2000.com/homeopathy/lachesis.htm:

The coiled serpent is a fine image for representing the Lachesis individual, whose remedy is made from the venom of the Bushmaster snake. In esoteric traditions the coiled serpent represents the kundalini energy residing at the base of the spine. This energy is said to be of a sexual nature in most people, but it can be made to rise up the spine, being transmuted as it rises into creative potential, and ultimately into spiritual experience.

The Lachesis individual is like a highly strung bow, taut with sexual energy, which must find an outlet if it is not to backfire upon its owner.

For many the outlet is sex itself. Lachesis people are highly sexed, and when they make love they are very passionate. Sex is not only very enjoyable for Lachesis; it also relieves tension. Others sublimate their sexual energy into a passionate pursuit of art, career or spirituality. Lachesis is a very passionate type, and whenever she thoroughly indulges in and expresses her passion, the result is both ecstasy and relaxation.

From adolescence onwards, the Lachesis individual vibrates with sexual energy. It gives her a passionate appetite for life, for excitement, and for stimulation. As long as this appetite remains satisfied, Lachesis will be fairly healthy psychologically. It is when the sexual energy is repressed, when it cannot find an outlet, that Lachesis develops physical and psychological tension. It may be that she has a partner who is not interested in sex, or that she has been without a partner for a long time, or that she grew up with a moral teaching that prohibited sex before marriage, and hence has remained a virgin. In these cases all will be well if an activity can be found which channels sufficient passionate energy to discharge the tension within, but if this does not happen, anxiety, restlessness and irritability will develop.

Lachesis' powerful sexual drive is tempered by a refined, sensitive nature. Less sensitive types like Nux and Sulphur may pursue their sexual appetites in a rather crude, unfeeling manner, but for many Lachesis individuals (especially the women) sex is usually reserved for romantic partnership, and is all the more passionate because it an expression of their love. When a Lachesis woman is in love her sexuality is heightened, and she will become very emotional if she is not able to make love frequently with her partner. If his libido cannot keep up with hers, she is liable to feel that he does not love her, and her frustration and hurt will provoke both tears and anger. A sexually frustrated Lachesis woman is rather like a spurned Ignatia; touchy and highly emotional.

This theme of tension requiring discharge can be seen to run throughout the features of Lachesis, both mentally and physically. On the physical level discharges will ameliorate symptoms, particularly sexual discharges, and the discharge of menstruation. Vigorous physical exercise may also be used by Lachesis to discharge tension. On the psychological level talking is used as a means of discharging tension, hence the famous loquacity of Lachesis. The more sexually repressed a Lachesis individual, the more loquacious they will become.

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