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Friday, August 01, 2008

Men Who Kill Their Wives' Lovers (and Wife) and Get Away With It

This is just sort of going to be a Psychotic Reverie for the Leo New Moon Eclipse. Remember I have Mercury c. Uranus in Leo so I warn you it's going to get weird.

I recently looked at a bio of the artist Thomas Eakins while rummaged the Sale bin at the Barnes & Noble. The book opened up to a two page synopsis of the life of Eadweard Muybridge who was a 19th century photographer famous for having photographed things walking. He photographed people and animals in sort of stop motion stills from multiple cameras. That's interesting but what's also interesting is that right around the time that Muybridge started this major project, he killed his wife's lover. At the murder trial he was acquitted due to reasons of insanity due to a head injury from a stagecoach crash. He put his son in an orphanage and moved either to another country or to Pennsylvania, I can't tell which, you know Wiki says one thing, the book said another. Doesn't matter. He moved away. Don't know what happened to the wife. The son was left to fend for himself and eventually was hit by a coach himself and died.

This reminded me of another story I heard like this way back when in Classical Music School. There was an Avante Garde Madrigal Composer in Italy named Carlos Gesualdo who came home to his castle one day to find his wife doing the deed with her up till then secret lover. Gesualdo murdered both of them. Or he got the servants to do it, or part of it, or whatever. And Gesualdo was immune to being tried because of his royal status. He also moved away and lived somewhere where the Madrigals were really happening and would have flourished if not wracked with guilt and apparently a bit BiPolar. He developed chromatic harmonies so advanced they weren't used again until the 19th Century. Did I talk about him before?

Wondered about the Astrology. As I am limited to looking at 4 charts at a time over at Astrodienst right now and have been really dizzy for some reason I can't really take much of a look at the charts. But the charts for the murders are really similar so I'll mention a couple of things and if interested please look at the charts. Gesualdo's birth date is questionable so this spares me from one error at least

Carlos Gesualdo kills his Wife's Lover (and his Wife)
Oct. 16, 1590 Naples, Italy

Sun 23 Libra; NN 1 Leo;

Eadward Muybridge kills his Wife's Lover
Oct. 17, 1874 San Francisco, CA

Sun 25 Libra; NN 27 Aries; Moon Capricorn

These crimes were committed in October within a day of each other. Well, I'm sure I'm looking at a wrong Calendar situation (gregorian for Gesualdo?) but can't help but go ape face over the coincidence. Libra is the sign of Relationships. I spent much of last October looking for the Astrology of True Love and I should have been looking for the Astrology of Men who Kill Their Wives' Lovers. But, the coincidence doesn't end there. Jupiter was also in Libra both times and within 10 degree orb of conjunction with the Sun. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Don't expect to have an affair without getting caught because the spotlight will be on you and your relationships. And it will be considered justifiable homicide.

The coincidences don't end there. Here are some more:

  • Neptune conjunct North Node in both cases (Fire Signs).
  • Saturn and Uranus in difficult aspect in both cases. Gesualdo was actually going through a double whammy Saturn-Uranus opposition (with Pluto squaring Uranus, this would have been more of an indicator of the unique innovations that both men were just revving up on I think)
  • And, don't worry, I the best for last. Where the Arf was Mars?!!!! Mars was at 18 Virgo during Gesualdo's crime and Mars was at 20 Virgo for Muybridge's crime.
Eww, those insecure Virgo moments that everyone else forgives you for.


And so even as weird I think is that today as I ponder this all of a sudden I think, where the Arf is Mars today? Ew, Mars is at 20 Virgo.... and Pluto is squaring Uranus ... and Neptune is conjunct the North Node ... and I wonder, which great Genius is out killing his wife's Lover right now? And then I remember, oh, Jupiter's in Capricorn. That Government Scientist guy who was going to be prosecuted for killing people with Anthrax because he wanted to try out his vaccine or something? He just killed himself so he wouldn't have to go to jail. Capricorn is so efficient.

Here are birthdates for the two gentlemen. Gesualdo's may not be correct. I seem to remember that they both had Libra Moons but as I say I'm limited on software and brainware right now. If any of this is accurate it really is an Outer Limits Moment:

Carlos Gesualdo
b. Mar. 8, 1566 Venosa, Italy

Eadweard Muybridge
b. Apr. 9, 1830

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It happens all the time because men are very territorial and possessive over women and don't want the other man near their wife.

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