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Monday, August 04, 2008

Danieal Kelly - Died from Neglect

It will be awesome to see how the outer planet conjunction of planets in Capricorn that happened back in the early 1990's will manifest in the babies who were born with it. I suppose it will create great leaders and new forms of perception in the arts and sciences. Unfortunately, Capricorn can be a sign that is slow to develop. If a Capricorn child is born with a problem he or she may not be perceived as loveable or forgiveable by the family. This is a sign that demands self-sufficiency of itself and of others. It is reserved and is not good at asking for help. Well, it will generally demand help and order people around, but just appearing needy and letting others respond is not really the Capricornian thing.

Danieal Kelly's story is as tragic as they come. Danieal literally died of neglect. She had Cerebral Palsy and her disease and care were too much for her parents who actually sound as irresponsible as people can be. Her Mother left her in bed and watched her starve to death. Her Father was no where to be found. Social Workers had been assigned to overlook her care and completely ignored her. Last week nine people were found guilty and responsible for her death.

I found her birth information at the link listed below.

Danieal Kelly

b. Jan 3, 1992 Youngstown, Ohio

Sun 13 Capricorn; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 10 Leo

d. Aug. 4, 2006
Philadelphia, PA

Birth information from: http://www.philly.com/inquirer/world_us/20080801_A_Timeline_of_Neglect.html

When I saw that Kelly was born in 1992 I wondered how the Capricorn conjunction of Uranus and Neptune were figured in her chart. Saturn had passed them by and was in Aquarius when she was born. Danieal's Sun was conjunct Uranus and Neptune.

There's a very interesting article about Premature babies (which Danieal was) on StarIQ.com. It's written by Valerie Vaughan and says that babies with Sun in aspect to Saturn and Neptune are more likely to born premature. It also discusses the link between premature births and development of Cerebral Palsy in some cases. Danieal's Sun was conjunct Uranus and Neptune so her Sun is definitely tied to Saturn and Neptune.

Capricorn is the sign of conditional parental love and shame. On the good side it represents the Father and the discipline and boundaries that a parent will teach his/her children. Danieal's parents were never married. She lived with her Mother for a few years and then was taken in by her Father and her Father's girlfriend who actually cared for her. When the girlfriend left in 2001 Danieal was sent back to her Mother's house. Her Mother is extremely poor and is said to have a total of nine children. She couldn't handle the idea of having a needy child apparently and left her to starve to death in bed where Danieal was rotting from bedsores. Although 14 years old in 2006 when she died, Danieal weighed only little more than 40 pounds. Her last words were her continual cry for water. Kelly's Mother wouldn't take her out of the house because she was ashamed of her illness. The story just goes on and on.

Saturn, the sign of boundaries is super amplified in Daniel's chart and life. She was bound within an illness, an unloving family, poverty, even to her bed. Her Mother had given birth to nine children and it's as if she placed all the blame for her problems on this little girl. Saturn is the sign of blame. As a Capricorn, Danieal may even have convinced her Mother that she didn't need help or was bossy in some way that made her Mother insecure. I know that's a weird thing to say but it would be nice to see from the Parents' point of view in order to understand what happened. It would be most interesting to study the comparison charts in these cases. When she died, Pluto was hitting her natal Mars to the degree. This is not only conjunct Mercury and perhaps the Moon in that sign but is also conjunct the Galactic Center. This could be another explanation in some way the extreme nature of neglect on all levels that Danieal died from.

Capricorn is also the sign of Government and the Government Social workers even neglected her. So her chart was working on many Capricorn themed levels.

This story is extreme or at least I hope it's not too common. This might be explained by Pluto's placement which is in Scorpio. Pluto is unaspected and a singleton in Water. This means that its presence in Danieal's chart is extra extreme. Scorpio is the sign of crisis and extreme circumstances and here it doesn't flow with any of the other planets in the chart. Feelings would have to be submerged extra deep. Capricorn and Scorpio are both reserved signs that pride themselves on self sufficiency. If a person in need has these placements he could easily be overlooked. Danieal's natal Saturn is in Aquarius and is also a singleton in Air. This emphasizes the Saturnian aspect of her chart as well.

The transits show how heavily she was affected by Saturn and Pluto in aspect. She passed away on her 1st Saturn opposition. Natally she had an opposition of Saturn to Chiron (Aquarius to Leo) which contained the rest of her planets to one side in her chart.

At the of Danieal's death Pluto was in Sagittarius within a degree conjunction of her natal Mars in Sagittarius. And if her Moon is in Sagittarius it would have been in conjunction as well. The Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001 seems to have been the beginning of the end for Danieal. This is when her Father's girlfriend left and she returned to her Mother's house.

9 people have been found responsible for her death. These are Saturn & Pluto keywords. Her Mother has been convicted of Murder and the Social Worker assigned to her case was convicted of Manslaughter. I wonder if this would indicate a Moon that is placed very close Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp as it indicates revenge after Death.

Saturn and Pluto are planets of Leadership. One hopes that Danieal's story will lead to changes in parenting and government aid. Danieal was born during a Saturn-Chiron opposition. The Leo New Moon Eclipse was conjunct her Chiron in Leo. She also has a trine from Jupiter to her Sun-Uranus-Neptune conjunction and transiting Jupiter is trining that to the degree. She is said to have had a really sweet personality which hopefully will be remembered and used to inspire improvement in the lives of others who come after her.

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Anonymous deb said...

Nice to know that Danieal inspired you to write and look up her chart, as well I'm sure she helped by her suffering to inspire many who knew of her as well as knew her.
Suffering I suppose can be very spiritual on many levels, and Danieal is now in peace finally.
God bless little Danieal and her memory.

11:09 PM  

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