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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Putt Putt

I know, I know. Automobiles don't have Astrological Signs. And I suppose their real birth dates are the days that they roll off the last conveyor belt.

But, when stuck in traffic I tend to read the Registration Labels of the guy in front of me to see what month the car in front of me was born. That's the date that shows what cycle the car hooks into, after all. That's the official Solar Return. Right? That's the Get the Stickers Stuck on the Car Or You'll Be Pulled Over Date.

Then I try to look for clues about what a car with that sign would look like, act like, feel like (yeah, I'm a Cancer, we just naturally wonder about this shit).

The other day I got behind a specialized license plate that reads:


I was so stoked that I could figure it out:

Hate to be Late!

Wow! Is that car a Capricorn?

Not a Scorpio, which might read "MAK M W8"

Or an Aries, which would read "UR SLO."

A Taurus: "IM SLO"

A Libra: "U 1st"

A Pisces: "CLOUD9"

The Car was Grey. And an SUV. Specialized License Plate.


Registration Renewal Date:


Well, could be a nervous (and witty) Sagittarius with Sun just progressing into Capricorn ....

But, I think this was bought as an end of the year deal and that's Capricorn.


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