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Monday, June 22, 2009

What Are You Going to Do On Your Summer Vacation? Summer Solstice.

At this point the Summer Solstice was probably yesterday so I'm right on top of things.

For Washington, DC:

Summer Solstice
June 21, 2009 2:08 am EDT

24 Aries ASC; 14 Capricorn MC; Sun 0 Cancer; Moon 9 Gemini; NN 2 Aquarius

Mars rules this chart and is placed in the first house conjunct Venus at 15-16 Taurus. A feeling of new beginnings and a positive life force? This is a natural chart because Aries is on the Ascendant.

The Sun in this chart is placed off an angle in the 3d House of communications, local transportation, neighborhoods, commerce. The Sun is aspecting most of the outer planets. It is in a t-square with Uranus and Pluto, a combination which indicates big changes and these changes will happen in areas involving H3 (communications, local transport, early education, neighborhoods)-H9 (publishing, law, religion, foreign land, etc.) and H12 (institutions, secret enemies, the unknown) for Washington.

The Sun, Uranus, Pluto lines run through the middle of the country from Louisiana up to Illinois and Wisconsin, I think, is that Wisconsin? so it will be interesting to see if the states involved will somehow be a center of the change.

The Sun is also trining the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction from H3 to H11. That could be great for innovation, commerce and entrepreneurship as long as things are kept in a realistic perspective. Interesting that a Jupiter-Neptune astrolocality line runs through Iran and Iraq just as the U.S. is encouraging a big rebellion in Iran over the corrupt political elections.

The Chart Shape is a bucket with Saturn as Handle so Saturn is a key figure in this chart as it has been in a lot of the charts lately. Saturn in this chart is in the 6th House of jobs which could be a major concern. Saturn is the only Outer planet planet in this chart that isn't in major aspect with the Sun. Since the 6th House rules Health and Public Health and Hygiene and Diet and the Sun rules Vitality, I hope there won't be any concerns for Swine Flu. Common workers won't be doing as well as people with education and entrepreneurs. But Saturn is trining the first house Venus-Mars conjunction. Anybody who wants to be the next Walt Disney, please step up. Corrupt immigrants, also, please step forward and lose control. Just what we need.

The Moon is conjunct Mercury at 8 Gemini in the 2d House. House 2 rules Banking and Money and Values. Interesting that these planets rule Housing and Transportation, two of the big losers in the economic downturn. The Banks will own these entire industries by the time the Summer is over?

6/22/09 edit: Wow, some local problems for Washington, DC today that match up with the Solstice Chart: 2 transit trains collide killing 6 (H3 Sun opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus). Also, an underground transformer explodes.

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