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Sunday, June 07, 2009

RIP David Carradine

Eccentric genuis actor David Carradine tragically passed away in Bangkok, Thailand while working on a film. His body was found hanging in a closet in the hotel where he was staying. The Thai authorities at first said this was a Suicide and have since decided that it was an accident due to auto erotic asphyxiation. Carradine's family feel that Foul Play is involved and that another person would have been involved in the death.

Looking at the chart I can see that Carradine would have been vulnerable to having an accident during this time. The chart also shows that an encounter with another person, possibly a sexual encounter or one that brings up intense taboos and feelings of revenge could have a "Fated Destiny" during this time. He could even have been researching for his role.

David Carradine

b. Dec. 8, 2009, Hollywood Beach, CA

Sun 17 Sagittarius; Moon is probably in Libra, possibly Scorpio; NN 25 Sagittarius

First thing I notice here is that Carradine's Sun is conjunct his natal North Node, path of destiny. The Sun rules a person's Vitality and so is related to their health and life. Komilla Sutton describes this as one of the most difficult aspects for a person to have because these two elements are in constant competition to outshine each other in the life.

Carradine's Sun is further involved in a challenging and tight Mutable Grand Square to a Saturn-Neptune opposition and is opposing Chiron in Gemni. I suspect that Carradine went through very heavy times about every 7-8 years when Saturn would have touched this Grand Square. Saturn is in conjunction with natal Neptune right now and is opposing itself. So, needless to say, Carradine's Sun, or basic Vitality/Life Force, was being challenged. Further, it was changing Signs by Progressions, something which shows a major 30 year shift in how a person handles his vitality. Pisces requires receptivity and gentleness. Pisces is also ruled by Neptune which rules Asphixiation (rex bills, hanging not included in book). Saturn, in conjunction by transit and by natal opposition, would have a stifling effect on his Neptune. Pisces, or House 12, is also involved in end of life issues and Drugs which Carradine had had problems with in the past.

With regards to the events of Carradine's death, I'm not sure how long Carradine was passed before he was found. I also don't have a birth time for him so don't have a Moon placement or Angles. Exwives have come forward and made public comments about his Sex Life which indicate that he experimented with alternative forms of sexuality. Sagittarians are broad minded and can like to have a good time with regards to sexuality. Always looking for a new adventure, so to speak. Expansive, optimistic, and youth loving Jupiter sometimes doesn't know when to quit.

Carradine had a natal Venus-Pluto opposition which is in late Capricorn-Cancer. Venus-Pluto aspects can be difficult to read; the most obvious reading is to say that the person is really into kinky sex. Astrologers often abuse their clients trying to read this one. Venus-Pluto can also indicate that a person has strong feelings bubbling under the surface, either feels or understands motivations and compulsions in themselves or others. The feeling nature is often spent in areas unseen and they may not have practical application in the real world. Of course, it shows creativity of some sort but a creativity that doesn't flow easily. Because of that is can show "pressure build ups." (Geologists would do better in interpreting this aspect than Astrologers).

The big aspect here regarding the event: Transiting Nodal Axis was on Carradine's natal Venus-Pluto opposition and it was squared by transiting Mars conjunct Natal Uranus. This is layered over the fact that the planets of his Grand Square were in challenging transits.

When Carradine was found, the transiting North Node Axis was approaching and within conjunction of the Venus-Pluto opposition at 3 Aquarius/Leo. As I said, the opposition in event charts can show relationships with others. Carradine was getting up there in years and his Progressed Sun (vitality) had just changed signs into Pisces. Venus-Pluto can literally indicate prostitutes, especially with Venus in an earth sign like it is here.

Mars-Uranus aspects indicate Accidents. Here transiting Mars is conjunct natal Uranus in Taurus! And this is squaring the Nodal Axis (Fate/Destiny). The Moon may even have been opposing and that would certainly be a slam dunk indicator for a person to lay low.

Also interesting to look at, Carradine's progressed Sun had just passed into Pisces so he was dealing with a new energy for self-expression that he wouldn't understand quite yet (i.e., to be gentle and receptive). Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Neptune rules asphyxiation. Neptune here is squaring Carradine's natal Sun and is heavily afflicted by Saturn (stifling) both natally and by transit (Saturn opposition). I'd normally read that to indicate that he would be working very hard in film and this would be a very creative time.

Since there is the exact conjunction to the degree of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius going on in the skies right now I assume that this was placed very prominently in Carradine's chart.

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