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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I haven't been paying all that much attention to the protests in Iran. The news sort of sent me into a Bush era funk and all I could really think was, how wonderful are the Iranians to fight corruption in their Government. How stupid were we Americans not to have done the same when Bush bullied his way into the American Government. We sat for eight years with our mouths hanging open letting the Hell lose on the World and did nothing.

I just viewed the video of the girl, Neda, who was shot during the protests in Iran and simply can't believe my eyes. How? How horrifying. Why? I was just a kid when the Kent State Shootings happened but I do remember the sense of despair after the protests were over and everyone realized how pointless they were.

I found this great article written by Jude Cowell over at Stars Over Washington about the senseless murder of Neda. Jude points out that 14 Sagittarius was rising at the time of the shootings. She gives an explanation of the Sabien Symbols involved which is really interesting.

Sabien Symbols require a spiritual nature which I'm short on. What I noticed, what I was sort of amazed by was just the sign and degree number. 14 Sagittarius. This means that Saturn is squaring the spot where it was when 9/11 happened. Saturn and Pluto were opposing each other at that time on or close to those degrees. What is it about mid-degree mutable that just sets cultures off? Flexibility? Endings? The great refinement of the human mind? A sense of futility of life? Protests? Bullying?

Since the 20th Anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre just past I took a quick look at that protest. According to Wikipedia the protests in China began on April 15, 1989 and the Government declared Martial Law on May 20, 1989 in order to get the protesters under control. The Massacre happened on June 4, 1989 when Soldiers were sent in at 4 am. Their orders were to clear the Square by 6:00 am. It was "clear" by 5:40 am. There is no real account of how many people lost their lives. The famous photo of the man who stood in front of the tanks and dared them to run him over was taken the next day on June 5. It is thought that he was executed.

The Astrology again shows the mid-Gemini influence. At 5:40 am on June 4, 1989, Gemini was rising at 11 degrees. In the first house, just rising, the New Moon was exact to the degree with the Sun and Moon at 14 Gemini with Jupiter at 18 Gemini! Pluto is also now approaching the spot where Uranus was at the time of that Massacre (4 Cap). Saturn and Neptune were in conjunction in mid-Capricorn. The North Node was in Aquarius just as it is now, but at late degree Aquarius.

In addition to the reminder of Doomsday past (i.e. 9/11), the Iranian Protest chart of Neda's death has great Cardinal/Angular emphasis. There is a Grand Square between H1 Pluto, H3 Uranus/IC, H7 Sun, and the Virgo Midheaven. These events can continue over the next couple of years if strivings for power are not gained through fairness and honesty. The Sun and the IC and the MC on this chart are all on last degrees of Mutable. Warnings? This means that they are within one degree orb approaching the Aries Points. Last protests before huge actions? Can this show a gateway into worse things to come or will lessons have been learned? This event could, and I say could, show a more sophisticated approach to life which will strive for Peace and Harmony? Where are all the damn Libras right now? They always run away and hide when you need them.

I also looked up the Kent State Massacre to see if there is any continuity on the American scene. There was an approaching New Moon in Taurus with Leo Rising so the chart is mostly in a Fixed Mood. But, as with Saturday's shootings there was a Venus-Mars conjunction in, Guess What, Gemini ... Venus at 9 Gemini conjunct Mars at 11 Gemini.

Kent State Massacre
May 4, 1970 12:22 pm Kent, Ohio, 11 Leo Rising

Tienanmen Square Massacre
June 4, 1989 4 - 5:40 am Beijing, China, 11 Gemini Rising (at 5:40 am)

Neda killed - Iranian Protests
June 20, 2009 - 7:05 pm Tehran, Iran, 14 Sagittarius Rising

May Neda not have died in vain. Peace. Justice. Mercy. "Neda" means "Voice" in Persian. How appropriate. With the Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo-Pisces, how appropriate, and unfortunate, that loss of innocence and martyrdom is the only voice that can be heard over the guns.




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