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Monday, August 31, 2009

LiveScience Skeptics, Psychics, Jaycee Dugard

Yahoo article saying that psychics have never helped solve a crime like the abduction of Jaycee Dugard. In the article they actually quote a psychic who says that she told Jaycee's mother that she would see her daughter again. That's kind of weird reporting, isn't it? I mean, that was correct information. The Mother is seeing her daughter again after 18 years. I can't really criticize anyone else's lack of logic myself, but is this linear thinking, logic and all? (I've actually seen the psychic mentioned on stage and thought she was a phoney on stage, she was trying to do the fast talking psychic thing like John Edwards and James Praagh but can't talk fast enough).

Then the article then goes on, and I'm not kidding, says that the media messes things up by giving the psychics a voice. It says this after reporting that the psychic had given the mother correct information. And, then, the article goes even further into its own ka-ka by not reporting on how many detectives trust their "hunches" and "gut instincts" on solving crimes (Pluto). Columbus, after all, wouldn't have set sail to America if he hadn't had a hunch (and a good sales pitch). Too bad he didn't have a hunch about not spreading the clap.

After all, it was the two police persons (both women, I saw them on CNN) who felt that something was wrong with Abductor Garrido's situation and told the parole officer to look into it. Anderson Cooper asked the one police person how she "knew." She said it was partly "a mother's instinct."

So, there you go, Yahoo/LiveScience Know-It-Alls. Why don't you try reporting the bigger picture than your own belief system? We're finding out that all the goodies of the Enlightenment have created Global Warming so I think we need to learn to take a long view of things these days as well.

I'm not saying that most psychics (and astrologers) aren't big ego'd marketing freaks (they want to be able to buy medical insurance just like everyone else), but somewhere in here the smug scientists are going to be figuring out how all this works and you might as well report on that, because that raises our awareness to new levels. Confronting the things that man doesn't understand is how man has advanced so far, why insist that everyone stay in the cave grabbing at shadow figures?

And the article also says that these crimes are always solved either by the police or by accident. So, thank you police (Virgo, Pluto, Mars) and accidents (Uranus, Mars), for solving crime. Interesting how when you add the sign of Virgo to the planets that rule crimes, you come up with the factors needed to solve crime.


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Blogger California Girl said...

I read the Yahoo article and was a little surprised that while they mentioned the psychic who told Jaycee's mother she would come home, they did not elaborate. Guess you can leave off critical information if it does not support your theory.
While anyone can claim to be psychic, there are people who are successful at it. I know someone who lost a husband and child in a horrible accident. She did see Edwards in an audience setting and he gave her some level of peace. To my way of thinking, this isn't any different than consulting a religious holy man. But science and religion are jealous gods and can't stand the competition.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Thanks for your insights California Girl. That's funny, Science and Religion as jealous Gods. I agree. I think you can make more money off of things that can't be explained by not explaining them.

12:07 PM  

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