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Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Souls of the Feet

They say that the eyes are the Windows to your soul. That's where people tend to think they can see whether or not another person is lying. But, according to a Dean of Psychology at the University of Manchester, Geoff Beattie, one looks to the feet to figure out whether or not a person is lying. Apparently people will hold their feet very still, almost as if to ground themselves, when they are lying. That's so Neptunian. He says that people will also hold their hands still and gesture less. Lying is often most attributed to Mercury and Neptune in astrology and they just happen to rule hands and feet.

Beattie also describes other "unconscious behaviors" (so Neptunian) that people will communicate through their feet. Women will show sexual interest in men by moving their feet away from their bodies. Beattie says this isn't true for men who will use a head tilt posture of some type. Men will show nervousness through their feet, however.

Now I know how those Pisces women get lucky. I always thought it was those beautiful Elizabeth Taylor eyes.

Interesting this information comes out during a conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune.




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