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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

San Francisco Bay Bridge Collapse

Astrology could have helped in this case with the Uh Oh It's Mercury Retrograde warning. Mercury rules roads and local transportation so this makes sense.

This is very frightening: The Bay Bridge which links San Francisco to the Berkeley/Oakland area collapsed in the spot where repairs had been made over this past Labor Day Week-end. The Bridge is now closed until further notice.

The Bridge had been scheduled for closure over the long September holiday week-end. Half-way through the repairs the workers found a crack and this kept the Bridge closed until the next Wednesday morning. So the Bridge was closed from September 4-9. That's a long time and this is a major artery. Over the Labor Day Week-end Mercury Stationed Retrograde at 7 Libra. He was also squaring Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.

Also over that period of time Saturn was opposing Uranus which was hit by a Full Moon. So, Mercury wasn't working by himself.

Two days ago, on Tuesday the Rod (whatever that is, read this, sorry its Fox but this was just the most informative article I could find) that had been replaced at some point during the repairs fell down during Rush Hour.

This is the same bridge that fell down during the Loma Prieta earthquake. That also hit at Rush House back in 1989. (October 17, 1989, around 5:04 pm). The Astrology is really creepy. Pluto at 1 Capricorn is at the spot where Uranus was at that time. Uranus was conjunct Saturn 9 Capricorn-Neptune 10 Capricorn opposing Jupiter 11 Cancer-Chiron Cancer. And Mercury was at 10 Libra which is a Mercury Return almost to the degree! They say that Mercury Returns like to bring things back to you from the past. They're not kidding (in this case at least)!

Notice also the other outer planet couplings that are similar. Saturn and Uranus (conjunct 1989 now opposing 2009). Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron (opposing in 1989, now conjunct).

Bay Bridge falls apart
Oct. 27, 2009 5:30 pm Oakland, CA

Sun 5 Scorpio; 20 Aries Rising; Moon 27 Aquarius; 11 Capricorn MC; NN 26 Capricorn

Mercury is on the last degree of Libra in this chart, ruling the 3d House and squaring the Nodal Axis. It is also in conjunction with the Sun and is placed angular in the 7th House so is strong in the chart.

The Big Wig planet that stands out to me at least, is Mars. Mars here is ruling the chart, is a singleton in Fire, is the Lead planet of the Locomotive chart shape and is squaring the Sun. It is one degree away from being in the 4th House so it's not quite angular.

Saturn is still trining the Nodal Axis which it disposits. I'd say it's very widely opposing Uranus at this point (about 6 degree orb but the computer program doesn't show the opposition). It is now, however, squaring Pluto which is a destruct and destroy aspect.

Good thing is that nobody was killed. Two vehicles were damaged and I'm sure glad I wasn't driving either one of them.

The Bridge is now closed. You know I think we'll be wishing we would have an earthquake. The sewers are backflowing into the water supply. The bridge is definitely not safe to drive on. All this stuff needs a major demo so things can just be rebuilt.


Kind of bizarre that Saturn, planet that rules building, has been trining the North Node which is in its sign (and conjunct Lilith -- I swear to God Lilith is always there when this kind of poo goes down). I think she's just giving everyone a heads up you stupids.

The Oakland Bay Bridge was opened for traffic on Nov. 12, 1936. This was a New Moon in Scorpio. There was a Saturn-Neptune opposition. It's 73 years old. If "Bridge Years" are the same as "People Years" then I guess it's showing its age.

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