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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods Wrecks His Life A Little

Big Sports Stars and their Sex Lives. I couldn't care less, you're not hearing this from me, mind you, wouldn't want to get all Mercurial and gossipy here about this, but I had to look at Tiger Woods' chart to see why suddenly his sex life is being presented to us the public at this point in time. I know that sports stars and celebrities have sort of a weird peer pressure thing to do this conquest thing with the ladies. They say it's for their image. They're doing it to impress each other. They build this rich fantasy life that goes along with their celebrity. Woods has Mars conjunct Gemini Midheave (reputation as athlete). Mars opposes Moon (public, women) and Neptune (fantasy, deception).

So, Tiger is a Capricorn. Capricorns tend to get caught because they are ruled by Saturn and Saturn rules guilt and regret and life lessons. That's why Capricorns are really smart like Sagittarians but also wise and clear headed. It's also why they're so grumpy and intolerant of bad behaviors in others. They know from experience that if they hang out with a jerk, they'll eventually get blamed for everything that goes down. I don't know why this is. Must be something related to the Father because Capricorns tend to think of their Mothers as the Virgin Mary. Really, they put off some super power innocence thing on the Mother.

I sort of remember something about Age 33 and the Solar Return cycles culminating at that age. I'll mention it although I don't see how it happens in Tiger's chart. He's 33 years old which supposedly means that the Sun in his Solar Return chart has cycled all the way through the houses and has returned to its birth spot. There's something happening like that.

At any rate, Tiger's Capricorn sun is in a pretty intense t-square aspect with H1 Pluto and H7 Lilith. These are on the angles so are very potent. His Sun is in the 4th House of family, parents, and home. Lilith and Pluto like to do the taboo. Pluto likes to have some privacy while doing the nasty. Lilith couldn't care less, she'll do it anywhere. Interesting that one of Woods' Gal Pals, Rachel Uchitel, is said to have been born on the same day as Woods. This would give her the same t-square. Don't really know how to explain why that might be, just think it's interesting that these two would hook up and then their affair would be such a drag. Getting caught like this exagerrates the kinky just the way that Lilith might like. It reminds me of how Monica Lewitsky's affair was Bill Clinton's biggest blunder and they had matching Sun and Moon signs. It sounds so German Romantic doppel-gangerish to see these big celebrity men getting caught by their astrological twins, at any rate. (And I don't know if that's Uchitel's birth date for sure).

On the other angle, Tiger has a really incredible opposition of Moon to Mars hanging over his IC/MC axis. His natal Mars is prominent because it's out-of-bounds and Retrograde. And his natal Moon is traveling fast. That explains why his eyesight is so damn good. Sure does explain his extreme skill as an athlete. Mars rules the physical body and competitiveness, and Midheaven rules one's public life. The Retrograde Progression means that Mars has been in aspect with Wood's Midheaven for a really long time during his life.

And, right now, the Saturn-Uranus opposition has been not only squaring this double opposition but has been passing over Woods' ASC/DESC. And his progressed Moon is right there in Pisces (family, women, Mother, needs and feelings) (18 Pisces) and is closing in on Uranus and the Descendant. So, his angles are shot to shit. And the angles specifically rule relationships (H1 and H7) and career and homelife (H10 and H4).

Plus, the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction is happening in his 5th House of Romantic liaisons so he's got the Happy Happy like Governor Sanford of South or North Carolina. Woods' progressed Venus has been passing over his natal Sun which adds to the overindulgent leisure lifestyle thing. He's probably been going through some weird feelings of not knowing what to do next with his life, hope he's not suicidal over this, it's actually about his grief over his Father and stuff.

Interesting aside about Tiger's progressed Mars. It was Retrograde when he was born at 18 Gemini and Stationed Direct around 1995-1996 at 15 Gemini. During that same year, his wife Elin's progressed Mars stationed Retrograde Motion at 16 Virgo. These spots all square each other on the Astrological Wheel. It's almost as if she somehow picked up on his Mars vibe, or he picked up on hers and they share this link.

Anyways, it sounds like Tiger's got a problem with drugs. The Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction has been hitting his progressed Sun which is at 14 Aquarius. Since it's moved on now he might be able to come back down to earth. Otherwise, he's going to end up in an old piano bar competing with good old Governor Sanford for every old cougar who walks in.

Tiger Woods

b. 12/30/1975 10:50 pm Cypress, CA

Sun 9 Capricorn (H4); Moon 23 Sagittarius (H3); ASC 25 Virgo; NN 20 Scorpio; MC 25 Gemini

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Blogger California Girl said...

Elin is also a Cap. Watch Pluto roll over their Suns and completely change their lives.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Yes. Thanks, California Girl. This will be interesting.

11:20 AM  

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