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Friday, February 19, 2010

Joe the Bomber

Well, Sarah Palin's got her Tea Party going. It started with a happy go-lucky Sadge guy in Ohio called "Joe the Plumber." Joe was complaining about how taxes are killing the middle class small business owners. The white guys don't want to pay taxes anymore. Even Tim Geitner doesn't pay his taxes.

Guess the problem hasn't gone away. Yesterday a guy named Joe Stack set his house on fire and flew his plane into a 7-story office building in Austin, Texas that housed the Internal Revenue Service. Joe, apparently, was really angry with the IRS. Maybe he had just been caught, who knows. I was just reading the other day that suicide rates for middle aged white people are escalating as well so maybe this just hooks into that.

Austin, Texas airplane crash into IRS building
Feb. 18, 2010, Austin TX Shortly before 10:00 am
Plane departed Georgetown Municipal Airport 9:40 am CST

Joe torched the whole side of the building; killed a 67 year old man named Vernon Hunter; and injured 13 other people. Joe is not being called "Joe the Bomber." He is being called a "Kamikaze Tax Rebel."

I found a birth date for him on the Internet somewhere and also on a forum at astro.com of Aug. 31, 1956 (Place?).

This birth date gives Joe a Virgo Sun and a Cancer Moon. That's definitely a low-key and mellow set of signs you'd expect to show up at a Tea Party.

That's probably not the correct date but is pretty interesting considering that Joe is now being called the "Kamikaze Tax Rebel." Those Virgos like to express themselves through the workplace environment after all.

If he's a Virgo Sun I was wondering if Joe's progressed Sun would have recently moved into Scorpio, sign of Sex, Death, (Suicide) and, uh, Taxes. Talk about Kamikaze Tax Rebel signatures... And, Oh yeah, Joe had it bad. His progressed Sun right now would be at 1 Scorpio. It had just moved into Scorpio this year. Progressed Sun changing signs shows a major shift in how a person's ego expresses itself. Usually the Virgos are overjoyed that all that Libra diplomacy and middle man shit is out of the way and now they can get some of the good old Plutonian confidence and power.

Joe's progressed Sun is under extreme stress in his prog. chart. It is conjunct Neptune to the degree at 1 Scorpio. That adds the terrorist element. A number of other planets were at the beginnings of their signs so had just changed signs. It would be no wonder if he felt he had to start something new at this point in his life.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which is the upper octave energy of Mars. As such, Pluto often can't express itself through words. Joe's last words were how violence is the only answer. Neptune is related to terrorism. Joe's natal Mars is Rx in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). It had come out of Rx around 1996. (I wonder if the current Mars Rx in Leo played into motivations for this act.) I also wonder if the guy was having a bad reaction to anti-depressants (Neptune) but we'll never hear about that because Pfizer's got lobbyists.

This chart also shows a lot of middle degree mutable planets which would have been activated by the Saturn-Pluto opposition back in 2001-2002. So, if this is Joe's chart, it would be very interesting that he pulled the same "Airplane flying into building stunt" just as we're in the middle of the Saturn-Pluto square transit that is currently in transit.

I send my condolences to the victims of this crime.

story of early childhood:


Born Colorado, 2d of 5 kids
Father died of heart attack 1962
Mother moved family to Pennsylvania where she was from
Put Joe in Hershey Boarding School at Age 7 with his 5 year old brother. Shot herself months later.
First Marriage lasted 18 years, divorced 1999
No kids.
Second marriage, one step-daughter



Blogger California Girl said...

Joe the Bomber failed twice to establish businesses in California due to being shut down by the tax board (meaning he didn't pay them taxes). He had more than one property in Southern California that he didn't pay taxes on. So he obviously had some issue with taxes on a broad scale. Too bad he took out another person and injured others.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Thanks California Girl for the information. An ex roommate of mine hated to pay taxes. She was a nurse and was just at the wrong tax bracket. She was really angry with the system. The nurses came up with all sorts of ways to get around losing all their money to the government.

Since I'm in an area with a lot of people who don't pay taxes and a water/sewer delivery system that is completely broken I don't understand how not paying taxes benefits anybody.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Since the guy burned down his house I'm assuming that he was basically just an angry guy...

But, isn't it interesting to compare how the IRS building looks after a tiny plane flies into it and how the pentagon looked after a huge jetliner flew into it?

9:36 AM  

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