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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dress the Baby in Black

The new crop of babies with the Saturn square Pluto in Capricorn? There's this bizarre and interesting wave in baby wear amongst the knitters which expresses that transit (well, it's a transit for us, it's a birth chart for them).

Parents are swathing their newborns these days in blacks and grays. And it's cool. It's kind of like they're being born into Hobbit Land or something. Tolkien was a Capricorn, wasn't he?

I think Babies are blind, after all, so they don't care. They may stay that way with a boring childhood like this. I'm all for giving up the pastels at any rate. Anything to hide the barf, that's all I'm saying.

The luxury yarns are finer than they've ever been and that's what baby wants. Mom doesn't seem to mind the handwashing they require. Rest assured, these babies won't grow up screaming about their allergies the way us drip-dry generationers did. Try a combo of 40 percent lambswool, 35 percent baby llama, 15 percent angora and 10 percent cashmere. But, beware, not washable.

No really, it's cozy, especially after all the clown suits and bunny feet of the Pluto in Sagittarius age. Examples:

Look at this one from designer Gudrun Johnston:


Look too innocent? Check out this one. Check out the little booties, so cute:


Then there's Jared Flood who is practically sending the kid back into the womb with this one:


Tweed? Do you know how much these kids are gonna crave Brooks Brothers?:

and oops another one, even grayer and softer:


And designer Wendy Bernard is designing a blanket for her sister's baby who is going to have a nursery in Black and White:


Okay, Okay, I've got 3 planets in Leo and don't mind a little color so I will always remember the Sadge phase with affection. Having been raised by designer architect types I promise you these kids are going to grow up compensating by owning so much stock in "Hello Kitty, Inc." I think I'll go buy some right now. Googy googy goo.



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